Steps for Making Money With Amazon Publishing In Nigeria

Amazon Publishing – The Amazon Kindle Direct Publish (KDP) platform is a direct self-publishing platform that allows anyone to self-publish books. Because it is simple to use, Amazon publishing is a feasible way to make money online in Nigeria. If you produce high-quality material, you have a good chance of making a decent career from it.

It’s one of the most convenient methods to earn money online in Nigeria, and you don’t need to know how to write to get started. You can outsource your writing and still profit from Amazon’s KDP platform.

How To Make Money With Amazon Publishing

In just a few steps, you can start making money with Amazon publishing:

1. Research And Identify A topic

Finding a topic that people are interested in is the first step toward making money with Amazon publishing. Of course, researching things that people are already interested in is the greatest method to find them.

Keyword research is one approach of discovering the types of materials that people are actively searching for on search engines. Then, using a free tool like Ubersuggest, you can figure out how many people are searching for that topic. After you have that information, you may assess whether or not the topic is worth your time. Do this for any themes you’re thinking about working on.

Another technique to find the most profitable themes to write about is to use a search engine and type in “Amazon Bestsellers,” then click on the results to view the most popular topics and consider writing about anything similar to the bestsellers.

2. Write Your Book or Hire Someone to write for You

After you’ve decided on a theme for your book, the next step is to actually write it. The first stage in writing a book is to plan out the structure of the book you want to write. The book should then be divided into chapters, subtopics, and other substructures. After that, writing will become much easier for you.

In a similar vein, if you are unfamiliar with the topic you want to write about, you may hire a freelance content writer to research and write for you for a reasonable charge. You may find freelance content writers on a variety of platforms, but I’ve discovered that Fiverr is the best location to find the most economical and reputable content writers.

3. Format Your Book

Formatting is an important part of Amazon’s KDP platform publication. If you wish to receive clearance for publishing, Amazon has very strict formatting guidelines that you must observe.

Because Amazon KDP wants to ensure that books published on its platform are available to everyone, whether they’re using a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet, you must adhere to their publishing requirements. Click on this site to learn everything there is to know about Amazon’s formatting rules.

4. Design Your Book’s Cover

Because most people will see your book cover before reading it, cover design is important to your success or failure on Amazon publishing. As a result, you must guarantee that your book cover is designed to catch people’s attention.

It’s crucial to remember that your book will display in a feed with other people’s books, and when there are a lot of images in a feed, the one with the best design frequently sticks out. So, if you want to get recognized on Amazon Kindle and generate money from Amazon publishing, you need to pay attention to your design.

You should try hiring a graphics designer from Fiverr or another freelance company to assist you create a gorgeous cover.

5. Create an Amazon KDP account

After you’ve written your book, formatted it according to Amazon’s rules, and designed the cover, the next step is to join up for Amazon’s KDP publishing program.

The Amazon KDP platform registration process is really simple. Simply enter your email address or phone number, and then select a password. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your email or phone after that. After entering the OTP, you’ll be taken to a page where you may enter your contact information, payment information, and sign a tax form. Your account will be created if you complete this step successfully, and you will be ready to publish your first book on Amazon!

6. Publish Your book on Amazon

It’s really simple to publish a book on Amazon. Navigate to the “bookshelf” tab on your dashboard. There will be an option to select whatever book format you want to publish from there. Choose between paperback and ebook kindle, and the platform will take you to a page where you can enter the book’s information.

You’ll need to fill in the title of the book, the author’s name, the names of the contributors, and other pertinent details. After you’ve filled in all of the required information, the platform will urge you to submit your ebook and begin the approval process.

7. Write Your Book’s Summary

You will be required to write a brief description of your book when it is published. The majority of potential customers will use this description as a summary.

The challenge to making a successful Amazon publication description is to write something engaging without giving too much information. If you aren’t a natural copywriter, I recommend hiring someone to assist you with your description.

I should also highlight that Amazon will ask you to enter up to 6 keywords when you publish your book. As a result, you’ll want to make sure those keywords are relevant search terms that will help you promote your book.

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