Steps To Check Your Exit Package On Nexit Portal

In today’s update about Npower, we will take our time to show you the steps to follow in checking your N-Power EXIT PACKAGE on the Nexit portal. Therefore, applicants who had been sourcing for means to check Exit status, Pending status, and/or Exit package on the Nexit portal shouldn’t fail to read this post to the end.

There is only one way to check exit status, pending status, and exit package on the Nexit portal. What you see when you click ‘check exit status’ is the Pending status, this simply means that your application is at the stage of review (verification stage), after which such applicant can proceed to the next stage once fully verified.

How to Check Exit Package on NEXIT portal

Follow the steps below to check your Exit package;

  • With the aid of an internet accessing device, visit the official Nexit portal via
  • Login to your dashboard (Using the email and password you registered with).
  • As soon as you are logged in, locate the ‘Check exit status’ button on the page. Once clicked on, the message below will pop-up.

“Your update is still pending. You will be notified of the next steps via your registered email address”.

Note: The above message is what all successful applicant will get whenever they click on the Check exit status. However, once it’s time for the next phase of the process, then the message gotten will definitely change from pending.

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