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The Most Expensive House in Nigeria (photos)

This post is about the most expensive house in Nigeria, the cost, location, owner and other important information about the house

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A house is a building that functions as a home or place of residence.

There are so many houses in Nigeria, but the one I am going to show you on this post is the most expensive in Nigeria. Since the completion of the house, it keeps on attracting lots of people’s attention from all over the world. Some people travel far from outside the Nigeria’s geographical map to the location where the house was built just to have glimpse of the beautiful architectural works of man.

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The house belong to one Mr. Okwudili Umenyiora. It is located at Lekki Phase One, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The house took engineers and other labourers about four (4) years to complete. It costs approximately $10 million (N3.5 billion).

If that is the real cost of the house, probably, there is no other house that cost higher than that in Nigeria. Though, you might find buildings that cost higher than that amount; but we are not looking at buildings, schools, companies, hostels or hotels. What we are actually looking at is personal or family houses (people’s home), please take note of that! Even if it’s not the most expensive house in Nigeria, I am sure it’s one of the most expensive.

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The Features of the house.

The house has floor televisions, interior and exterior swimming pools, elevators, garage, nice compund etc.

The house is also under the care of five housekeepers, one of them a Philippian woman.

The owner of the house is Mr. Okwudili Umenyiora, popularly kniwn as Mr. Dilly. He is the owner and the CEO of Dilly Motors.

My Dilly completed this house in early 2014.

See the pictures below:

Most expensive house in Nigeria

Exterior view

Most expensive house in Nigeria

Exterior of the house

Most expensive house in Nigeria

Interior of the house

Most expensive house in Nigeria

Floor television




Most expensive house in Nigeria

The owners car (customized Lamborghini

What do you think about this house?

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