Things not allowed in NYSC camp – 100% Prohibited

In this article, we shall look at those things not allowed in NYSC camp.

The National Youth Service Orientation Camp is a place where Corps members are trained. The orientation course lasts for three weeks (21 days), so every prospective corps member should report prepared. See best time to travel to NYSC Orientation Camp.

Those in charge of training corps members in camp are Soldiers, Man ‘O’ war and NYSC officials. Like we said before, this training will last for complete 21 days.

On the 21st day, Corps members will be posted to different places for their primary assignment. See what next after NYSC Orientation Camp.

So, since Soldiers are in charge of trainings and security at NYSC camp, they are friendly to Corps members but they don’t tolerate nonsense. If they say don’t do this, please don’t do that.

Because of the presence of soldiers, there are things that Corps members are prohibited from taking to camp, and it is our duty to let you know before hand.

You can also check things needed in NYSC orientation camp so as to balance the equation.

List of things not allowed in the NYSC camp

If you take these items to camp, soldiers will seize it or decamp you, or even arrest you for prosecution. Below is the list of things you should not go to NYSC camp with;

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1. Television set

Please, don’t try to bring television to the NYSC camp or you will explain to soldiers what you want to do with it.

2. Pets/Animal

On no account should you bring an animal to camp. Pets such as dog, cat, snake, and so on are not allowed in NYSC camp.

3. Pressing iron

NYSC camp is not a boarding or school hostel where you may use pressing iron. Please, DO NOT show up with a pressing iron. You can pay dry cleaners at Mammy market to iron for you if you can wear romp clothes.

4. Boiling ring

Whether it is called heater or boiler, please DO NOT bring them to the orientation camp for your own good.

5. Cars/Vehicle

People from rich family may think of coming to camp with cars maybe to impress soldiers or to show themselves. Corps members are not allowed to bring their cars to camp.

6. Motorbike

Those of you that are commercial motorcyclists (Okada men) may want to continue their okada business from camp. Please, don’t try it. After camp you can continue with your business.

7. Bicycle

So, if I don’t tell you bicycle is not allowed you won’t know? Soldiers will throw you outside camp the moment they catch you with a bicycle.

8. Mattress/foam

This is not offence though, but since NYSC will provide mattress for you, no need to overload yourself.

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9. Cutlers

Things like tin cutters, nail cutter, pliers, and so on are not allowed in camp.

10. Big luggage

If your luggage is very big, camp soldiers will be like, “Omo see this otondo, ordinary 3-week stay, him dey come with him papa house”. Please, don’t overload yourself for no reason.

11. Laptop

Yahoo boys would always travel with their laptops to keep contact with their clients. Please, laptop is not allowed in camp. And if you are a yahoo boy, NYSC will arrest and hand you over to EFCC.

12. Suite case

If you must go to camp with suitcase, please go with small sizeable ones to avoid embarrassment.

13. Mirrors

Slay queens be careful, camp is not a place to slay. Mirrors are not allowed in the camp. If you must come with a mirror, go with small sizeable ones that you cab hide from soldiers.

14. Extension socket

I know it’s charging phones that will make you think about taking this to camp. Please, don’t come with extension.

15. Knife

All this ‘Aboki’ that like carrying daggers may find it difficult to travel without wielding a dagger. Please don’t bring your dagger to camp, we take god beg you.

16. Bluetooth speaker

Someone once asked me, please can I go to camp with my Bluetooth speaker? If you try it, soldiers will seize it right at the camp entrance.

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17. Gas cylinder/Stove

To do what if I may ask? You don’t need to cook anything, NYSC will take care of your food. If you bring gas cylinder or stove to camp, soldiers will thank you for buying a gift for them because they will seize it.

18. Food stuff

Well, you can buy it to gift NYSC kitchen staff because Corps members are not allowed to cook personal food in camp.

19. Bombs

It is only a Boko haram member that will think of this one. Please, don’t come to camp with explosive device or you face the full wrath of Nigerian Army.

20. Condom

Maybe you have been misinformed that NYSC camp is a brothel where you have $exual int*course. Well, you can come with it but make sure you don’t use it. If you do, only god knows what soldiers will do to you.

The list is endless, so I will stop here to save my time. Bringing things listed above to camp is just finding trouble from soldiers. A word is enough for the wise.

Note: Some of the things not allowed in NYSC camp as mentioned above are rather strictly out of bounds or you may be looking for trouble from the officials.

If you have question or contribution, please go to the comment section below.

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  1. Some pcms do have intention of not going back home after camp….so do u mean laptop will not be allowed under this cirmcumstance?

    1. You will not be allowed to use. You can come with it and give to security at gate to keep for you.

  2. Pls, is gas cooker and small size pot allowed.

    1. Lolz! They are not allowed, NYSC will take care of your food.

  3. Is their any allowance in camp yes or no

  4. Please is waec statement of result and original copy of state of origin needed in camp??

  5. Pls can we come with clipper to at least shave?

    1. No, you can pay to shave at mammy market.

  6. Are we allowed to bring our hair comb

  7. Please as a makeup artist can I go with my makeup Box??? Coz my friends told me on carnival day ladies will do makeup.

      1. Speaking of carnival day, what is that? And camp fire night too?

  8. pls is camera allow in camp

  9. You said suite case isn’t allowed….Why

    1. Just come with smaller one

      1. Pls, is d state we camp going to be d same state to carry out our primary assignment

    2. Eee wonder me oooo. Should we carry Ghanaist go or what?

  10. Please, I bought a big box, does it mean I won’t be allowed with my load.

    1. It will be allowed but you don’t need to overload yourself

  11. Please, why are mirrors not allowed in camp?

    1. What do you intend to do with a mirror in the first place? Is it to make-up before going for morning parade at 4:30am

      1. Mirror is not only for makeup uncle

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