Things not allowed in NYSC camp – 100% Prohibited

NYSC Orientation Camp is a place where Corps members receive 21-day training before they would be sent forth to Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). Men of Nigerian Army, Man o war and other NYSC officials are in charge of training in Orientation Camp. In this post, we will show you list of things not allowed in NYSC camp. we mean things you should never go to camp with to avoid trouble.

Since Nigerian Army is in charge of training and security in NYSC camp, there are some certain things they restricted. In our previous post, we discussed things needed in NYSC orientation camp. You may like to check it out before we proceed. So, today we shall focus on those things you should not take to camp.

If you take these items to camp, soldiers will seize them or decamp you, or even arrest you for prosecution.

It’s important to know that life at NYSC camp is not the same as the normal everyday life. NYSC camp is like a military zone where nonsense is not allowed.

List of things not allowed in the NYSC camp

Below is the list of things you should not go to NYSC camp with;

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1. Television set

Please, don’t bring television to the NYSC camp or you will explain to soldiers what you want to do with it.

2. Pets/Animal

On no account should you bring an animal to camp. Pets such as dog, cat, snake, and so on are not allowed in NYSC camp.

3. Pressing iron

NYSC is not a boarding school or school hostel where you may use pressing iron. Please, DO NOT show up with a pressing iron.

4. Boiling ring

It is also called heater or boiler. Please DO NOT bring them to the NYSC orientation camp for your own good.

5. Cars/Vehicle

People from a rich family may think of coming to NYSC camp with their cars. Please, Corps members are not to drive car into camp.

6. Motorbike

Those of you that are commercial motorcyclists (okada men) may want to continue their okada business from camp. Please, forget your ‘Okada’ for now. After camp, you can continue with your business.

7. Bicycle

So, if I don’t tell you bicycle is not allowed, you won’t know? Soldiers will throw you outside camp the moment they catch you with this.

8. Mattress/foam

Since NYSC will provide mattress for you, no need to overload yourself.

9. Cutlers

Things like tin cutters, nail cutter, pliers, and so on are not allowed in camp.

10. Big luggage

If your luggage is huge, camp soldiers will be like, “Omo see this otondo, ordinary 3-week stay, him dey come with him papa house”. Please don’t overload yourself for no reason.

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11. Laptop

Yahoo boys always travel with their laptops, so they will keep contact with clients while in camp. Please, laptop is not allowed in NYSC camp.

12. Suite case

If you must go to camp with a suitcase, please go with small sizeable ones to avoid embarrassment.

13. Mirrors

Slay queens be careful oo, NYSC camp is not a place to slay. Mirrors are not allowed in NYSC camp. If you must go to camp with a mirror, go with small sizeable ones, and make sure soldiers do not catch you with it.

14. Extension socket

I know it’s charging phones that will make you think about taking it to camp. Please don’t take it to camp.

15. Knife

All this ‘Aboki’ that like carrying daggers, please don’t take your dagger to camp.

I want to stop here, although there are many other restricted items like guns, bombs and so on. Bringing those things to camp is just finding trouble from soldiers and NYSC Officials.

Funny enough, some of these items are even a serious offense if you attempt to bring them near the camp gate. If you sneak them in, you will be decamped any time found with it.


List of things that are not needed in the NYSC orientation camp

  1. Televisions,

  2. Pets,

  3. Pressing Iron,

  4. Boiling ring,

  5. Cars,

  6. Motorcycles,

  7. Bicycle,

  8. Mattresses,

  9. Cutlers,

  10. Big luggage,

  11. Laptop,

  12. Suit case,

  13. Mirrors,

  14. Extension Sockets,

15. Knives.

Some things not allowed in NYSC camp as mentioned above are rather strictly out of bounds. Now that you know, do not fall a victim. Please share this post with your friends.

Is garri accepted in nysc camp?

Yes, you are free to go with garri and some beverages.

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  1. Am not a register NYSC memebers but will I be allow to enter the camp just to take pictures and video shoot

  2. How stupid are you to specifically mention “Abokis” not to bring bombs and knives, if someone calls you a tribalistic slur now you’ll be crying foul. What an utter fool.

    • He wasn’t targeting “aboki’s” madam please calm down. He was just joking cause the male hausa that I know, I see them with knives in the market.

      It’s just like Yoruba referring to any one that steals as “anini or Oyenusi” which is kinda of an insult to anyone who bears that name.

      Concerning the bombs and co, he didn’t mean the aboki’s.You assumed that. There’s a new paragraph. Your anger blinded you

  3. It is high insensible to profile a certain region with carrying of weapon (knives) … that’s tribalistic, we preach one Nigeria , we should practice it,

  4. Some pcms do have intention of not going back home after camp….so do u mean laptop will not be allowed under this cirmcumstance?

  5. Please as a makeup artist can I go with my makeup Box??? Coz my friends told me on carnival day ladies will do makeup.

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