Tips For Telegram Security And Privacy

Telegram Security and Privacy: Telegram is a social media messaging app that is fast gaining popularity all over the world. It is mostly loved by the people because of the exciting features it has, which enable users unprecedented access to it functions. Unlike other instant messaging apps like Whatsapp and the rest, which can only accommodate a considerable number of people in a group, telegram can take thousands of people at the same time, making it the go-to app for organisations and individuals who create groups for businesses that require the converging of more than 250 persons on a single platform. Check also 10 reasons why Telegram is better than WhatsApp.

In the digital world of today, attacks on the privacy of online individuals are becoming prevalent and telegram is not left out. As a result, we wrote this article to provide you will tips that will enable you ensure your security and privacy are not breached by anyone.

Tips for Telegram Security and Privacy

The following are the ways by which you can protect your privacy on Telegram:

1. Enable end-to-end encryption

Unlike Whatsapp, telegram end-to-end encryption is not automatically activated, meaning that access to metadata (who you wrote to, when, how often, and so forth) is available until you activate end-to-end encryption. end-to-end encryption can be activated by opening the profile of your chat partner, tap or click the three-dot button (sometimes called More, sometimes not), and select Start Secret Chat.

2. Confirm if end-to-end encryption is active

After you successfully activated the end-to-end encryption, the next line of action is to confirm if the end-to-end encryption is now active on your chats with your chat partners. To know which type you’re in, look for a padlock icon next to the name or phone number of your chat partner. If it’s there, the chat is secret. If not, then end-to-end encryption is off, in which case you should create a new chat.

Alternatively, you can tap or click your chat partner’s icon, and if end-to-end encryption is enabled, the words Encryption Key will appear at the bottom of the window that opens.


Telegram’s privacy and security setting is very complicated. As such, we will explore and explain them one after another to ensure that you have a better understanding. The best way to unknot a complex issue is take it bit by bit, which is exactly we do on this website to avoid getting our esteemed readers confused. Always remember to kindly share our contents on your social media handles for others to benefit from the information we share.

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