Ufahamu Africans Nonresidents Fellowship Program 2021

The Ufahamu Africans Nonresidents Fellowship is a special program organized for Africans to exploit their ideas by creating podcast episodes. These podcasts are expected to proffer solutions to underlying issues in the continent, and the world at large.

Also, it targets mainly African scholars, nationals, content creators, and/or journalist who meet up with the criteria to be part of the scheme.

Selected applicants (Fellows) will then be invited, and engaged to make their podcasts episodes which will be a dual-language or equivalent to five single podcasts episodes.

The work which is completed within a duration of ten (10) months will be showcased at the designated universities, which are;

  1. University of California, Riverside.
  2. Cornell University.

Fellows will be privileged to join the editorial team that will handle the season six (6) content. Also, they are expected to share ideas, decide, and create synergic partnership, etc.

Because internet connection is required to aid effectiveness of the production, the sum of three thousand five hundred US dollars ($3,500 USD) will be given to each fellow.

There are also other activities meant for the Fellows to attend to, mostly as a member of the team in-charge of production.

Eligibility For Ufahamu Africans Nonresidents Fellowship Program 2021

The criteria are;

  • Have an innovative research proposal.
  • Be committed to open access knowledge shared.
  • Have experience in research, and publicity.
  • Be willing to build standardized African research platforms.
  • Be eloquent, fluent in English Language, and a confirmed computer illiterate.
  • Ability to engage a larger population in political and life related topics pertaining Africa.

How To Apply For Ufahamu Africans Nonresidents Fellowship Program 2021

All requested materials/documents are to be mailed to ufahamuafrica@gmail.com.

The materials are;

  1. Personal statement: This document, which is expected to be in one page, should have the applicant’s details, reason of showing interest, and expected accomplishments.
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV): With the help of the CV, you can easily sell yourself to the employer by explaining how beneficial you can be to them.
  3. Proposed podcast: Fellows are to think critically at this point. If possible, deliberate on the choice of podcast, preferred network to send message, etc.
  4. Voice Note: This option is to easily give a sample of what your podcast will look like.
  5. Submit previous work done on public media or audio file.

Closing Date

The registration deadline is August 31, 2021.

For further enquiry visit the official webpage of Ufahamu Africans Nonresidents Fellowship Program 2021 

Source: Nyscinfo

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