5 Websites That Will Pay You $100 or More Per Article

This article explore 5 websites that will pay you $100 or more per article. These are websites that will pay you up to $100 for each piece of content you produce for them. Literature, science fiction, technology, and medicine are all examples of niches.


Dropzone is a well-known skydiving blog that compensates its contributors. They’re seeking for stories regarding skydiving, skydiving equipment, and anything else linked to skydiving.
They pay between $50 and $100 for each piece. You will be paid $50 for each accepted article and up to $100 for a single article.

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Sitepoint is currently one of the most popular websites that pays you to contribute to their developing network by writing freelance (of high-quality content).
Articles can cover any of SitePoint’s hubs, including web performance, analytics, React, Node, Angular, Vue, UX prototyping, and more.
They use an application process to vet writers, and having experience and a background in any of the telecommunications fields is a plus.
Depending on a variety of circumstances, they pay $100 or more per piece. PayPal is used to make the payment.


Clubhouse is a software development project network service that pays software engineers or persons with software development/engineering knowledge to post for their blog. How-to guides, in-depth tutorials, software team analysis, career guidance, and thought leadership articles linked to software development or engineering are all examples of blog postings.
For each accepted piece, Clubhouse pays up to $600.
They pay $350 per article for each blog post accepted, $400 for each how-to/tutorial accepted, and $600 for each how-to/tutorial accepted.

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Scotch is searching for writers to provide articles and tutorials to their web development blog. They accept tutorials on a wide range of web development topics, such as React, Vue, Angular, Javascript, Node, CSS, Python, Laravel, and so on.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is one of the most well-known names in online design and development, and they’ve been around for quite some time. They’re looking for detailed tutorials and articles, as well as analysis opinion pieces, case studies, and comprehensive guides on web design and development.
Articles can cover a wide range of topics, including user experience, Photoshop, Mobile, design patterns, e-commerce, accessibility, and more. It will almost certainly be permitted if it leads to a better web experience.
While they don’t publish prices, I can affirm that they are one of the websites that pays up to $200 each piece based on my own experience. Payment can be done by PayPal or a bank wire transfer.

Those are the 5 websites that will pay you $100 or more per article in 2021

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