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The UK Government Kickstart Scheme is a scheme designed to offer paid job to young people across the world. With this opportunity, the youths will gain global experience and work in any standard company, which is why you have to apply now for the UK Government Kickstart Scheme.

The application for the program, which is more of a job opportunity, is currently ongoing. It will run for six (6) months, with the funds coming from the United Kingdom (UK) Government. This may also interest you: FG Provides Job Through AFJP And ESP – V.P

The opportunity is open to those having a long-term risk of unemployment. And also falls under the age bracket of sixteen years to twenty-four years old (16-24 years).

Job Location For The UK Government Kickstart Scheme

This very beneficial and helpful scheme will take place in Scotland, Wales, and England only.

How To Apply For The UK Government Kickstart Scheme

The application process is quite easy, although there are two ways to go about it. Which are;

  1. Application via a kickstart gateway (Someone who already works with the scheme is being referred to as gateway).
  2. Application via the online portal.

For those who choose to apply through the link, they are to click here, and follow the steps to complete the application process.

What To Provide As a Gateway

  • House reference number of the particular company.
  • Company’s contact details and address.
  • Details and location of the jobs.

Gateways of the said program/Job opportunity will be given three hundred and sixty euro (£360) as admin pay. And a setup cost of one thousand five hundred euro (£1,500), to aid a standard learning for the beneficiary.

Note: The gateways are companies or organization who applied for funds on behalf of the main applicant(s).

Closing Date

The closing date for the program wasn’t specified. However, gateways who are to employ individuals have now till 31st of December 2021, to spread the commencement of the job.

For further enquiry and guidance, visit the official webpage of UK Government Kickstart Scheme by following this link

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