UNDP/FCMB Agro-Hack Challenge & Summit 2022 For Nigerians

we are inviting AgriTech startups, AgriBusiness entrepreneurs, engineers, innovators, and solution aficionados from all around Nigeria to submit applications for this year’s Agrohack.

The Summit & Agro-Hack Challenge 2022 is an AgriBusiness and AgriTech challenge to crowdsource creative solutions to problems encountered throughout the Nigerian and Benue State agricultural ecosystem.

These difficulties affect the following subsectors, which are mostly in the agriculture value chain:

  •  Production (input, fertilizers, irrigation, greenhouses, vertical farming, etc). .
  •  Processing.
  •  Storage.
  •  Agricultural Finance.
  •  Agricultural Commerce.
  •  Supply chain, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

Open to:

  • AgTech startups, entrepreneurs, innovators and enthusiasts across Nigeria;
  • Agriculture-based research institutes, university students, especially those studying Agric-related courses;
  • Smallholder farmers and agricultural value chain players, conflict-affected communities.

Benefits Of UNDP/FCMB Agro-Hack Challenge & Summit

  •  Provide Agricultural value chain players in Benue State, and Nigeria at large, the resources to grow and scale their agri-businesses .
  •  Entrepreneurship coaching and Mentorship.
  •  Incubation.
  •  Startup Idea Validation.
  •  Access to local and international markets.
  •  Access to digital tools and infrastructure.
  •  Grant funding & follow-on investments.

How To Apply

Go to United Nations Development Programme UNDP on bit.ly to apply

The AgroHack Challenge is organized in partnership with Benue Agribusiness Innovation Hub, Passion Incubator, Japan Government, NorthEast Humanitarian Innovation Hub, ThriveAgric, Benue Government, and the Center for Food Technology and Research, Makurdi, Benue state.

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