Update On The Next Stage of Nexit Program and Npower Stipend

Did you apply for NEXIT? Are you one of those candidates having issues? Did you in any way have backlog payment on the Npower scheme? If any of the queries is relative to you, then this post is a must-read, as it will provide confirm answers, and solutions.

The ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, through the S.A (Special Assistant) on Media & Publicity Nneka .I. updated candidates of the Nexit program through her twitter handle.

She emphasizes on the Npower backlog payment, letting the beneficiaries of about fourteen thousand two hundred (14,200) know that the issue of their regular payment (stipends) has been corrected. But those who were flagged by FG, will not be able to access their profile.

It was also made known by the S.A, that those having email validation issue has finally gotten their confirmation mails, and should get prepared for the succesive stage of the NEXIT program.

The portal is still open to accept new applicants, as about fourteen thousand (14,000) exited Batch A & B Npower beneficiaries registered for the program within the past seven days. Register Here!

For the fact that the registration phase will soon be halted, it is very important to send a complaint to the support team, if in any way you are having setbacks with the portal, as all problems must be resolved before the next stage of the program.

For those that followed the proper steps throughout the registration will make it to the next stage, and secured a place as beneficiaries of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) empowerment scheme (Nexit).

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  1. Am having issues with the email I used during registration as I can’t login with the email.

    I have written mail to support team twice but I have not seen their reply uptill now .
    What should I do now?


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