US Department Of State 2021 Job Recruitment

Do you have the desire to work in a foreign country with an unstable infrastructure and government? Are you sure you can integrate into a different cultural environment, and strive well? if ‘yes’, then we have a special opportunity for you.

United States (US) department of States, is as at current looking for interested and qualified applicants that can fill both the civil, and foreign service positions that are vacant.

The US Department of State needs the services of employees who are adaptable, problem solvers, adventurous, has diverse educational background, cultural and geographic perspectives and background, and willing to make impact in the society.

As long as you can live and cope in any country in the universe with either or both unstable governments, and poor infrastructures, this opportunity is vividly open for you to apply.

The Job opening available to fill are as follows;


  1. Office Director.

  2. Program Analyst.

  3. Budget Analyst.

  4. Managing Director.

  5. Management Analyst.

  6. Specialist Traffic Management.

  7. Information Technology Specialist.

  8. Contract Specialist.

  9. Attorney Adviser (General).

  10. Intelligence Research Specialist.

  11. Telecommunications Specialist.


  1. Regional Medical Officer or Psychiatrist.

  2. Consular Fellows Program.

  3. Facility Manager.

  4. Information Management Specialist.

  5. Security Technical Specialist.

  6. Security Engineering Officer.

How to apply for US Department of State 2021 job recruitment

To apply for this recruitment, visit

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