3 Latest N-Power and NEXIT News Updates (April 13 to 30)

In today’s N-Power news Update, we shall look at the three (3) important most recent information regarding N-Power and NEXIT programs.

Recently, a lot has happened in regards to the NEXIT and N-Power programs, which has definitely made most concerned persons to keep popping questions without having a concrete answer in return.

For this reason, we’ve decided to compile 3 latest updates to keep the applicants and general public abreast.

Latest N-Power and NEXIT News Updates

The updates are as follows;

  1. NEXIT registration which is solely meant for N-Power Batches A and B is currently ongoing, and will be closed in few days time. Therefore, those that are qualified to register (Npower Batch A and Batch B) should try and do so while the portal is still open, so as to enable them benefit from the CBN empowerment programs. Register Here!

  2. For applicants who are still experiencing any form of issues about the NEXIT program, especially login issue (inability to log into the NEXIT Portal with your registered email and password). Such applicant(s) should quickly send their details to support@n-sip.gov.ng and receive a quick response on how to rectify the problem on time. The expected details that must be on the message sent are; name, date of birth, phone number, Npower program, Registration number, old and current email addresses.

  3. For the N-Power Batch ‘C’ Recruitment exercise, no applicant has been shortlisted yet as the entire process is still at the stage of ‘records update’ and ‘writing of test. After this stage elapse, successful applicants will be called for the N-Power physical screening.

Ensure you get deployment, or notification about the next stage of the program from the NASIMS portal, or through any of the official Npower social media platforms before making moves, to avoid being scammed.

Note: You can as well follow our Npower groups on Telegram for any updates.

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