USSD Code To Check Your NIN From Your Phone

Do you want to check your National Identification Number (NIN) from your mobile phone? If ‘yes’, this page will guide you. NIN is a unique identification number assigned to Nigerians that have registered for National ID Card. In this article, we will show you the USSD code to check your NIN with your mobile phone.

Due to advent in technology, it is now easy to retrieve your NIN any time after it has been lost or forgotten by dialing a short code on your phone.

Since the plastic National ID Card itself takes a lot of time (many years) to be ready for collection after registration, NIN has become a means of validation for Nigerians who are 18 years and above.

So, if you have registered for National ID with NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) or its approved agents, dial *346# on your mobile phone to check your NIN.

Once you dial the USSD code to check your NIN, which is *346#, your NIN will be automatically processed and displayed on your mobile phone screen.

Kindly note the following:

  • You can dial the short code on any mobile phone (even Nokia 3310).
  • This attract a service charge of twenty Naira (N20). So, for this to work you must have Airtime credit on your SIM.
  • The SIM card on the phone should be the same line used for National ID Card registration.

Easiest way to register for NIN in Nigeria

Nigerians that are yet to register for the National Identity Card, should follow the simple steps below to get it done;

  1. Visit Nimc Pre enrolment portal to fill the online pre enrolment form.

  2. Fill all the required field in the form with your correct information.

  3. Download and print your Pre enrolment registration Slip.

  4. Locate any NIMC registration centre to submit the pre enrolment slip and other valid supporting documents.

  5. Enrolment officials will direct you to office for biometrics capture (ten finger prints and facial image). Ensure you collect your Transaction ID Slip as evidence of registration.

  6. Get your NIN (It takes 2 to 3 working days to get your National Identification Number’ after registration).

  7. You will need your Transaction ID Slip to collect your NIN Slip, so keep it well.

How to know if your plastic National ID Card is ready

Follow the steps below to check if your National ID Card is ready;

  1. Visit the NIMC website at

  2. Find and click on “e-ID Card Status Portal” (you can find it from the menu).

  3. Fill the form with your First name, Last name and your NIN or tracking ID.

  4. Finally, click on “check now” button.

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