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Watch Video Of Deborah Samuel Killed In Sokoto For Insulting Muhammad

Deborah killed in sokoto video – A female student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Deborah Samuel, was reportedly killed in Sokoto State for blasphemy. According to the information available to Nyscinfo.cøm, the female was stoned to death and her body burnt by a mob who accused her of insulting Prophet Muhammad.

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A Twitter user had shared a video containing the voice note of Deborah on their class WhatsApp group, where she challenged her colleagues who were posting religious information on the group to stop.

What did Deborah said in Sokoto that angered people

Deborah spoke in Hausa language, however, a Twitter user who translated what she said, quoted her;

“Holy Ghost Fire, nothing is going to happen to me. You should know what to be sending to this group. This group was not created to be sending nonsense, rather it was created for posting things such as, test, assignment and so on, not for nonsense or some nonsense prophet.”

According to the translator, the nonsense she referred to is the religious posts being posted on their class WhatsApp group.

Her comments were said to have provoked some of her classmates who felt she insulted Prophet Mohammed, and threatened to deal with her.

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When the tension became high, the school authority took Deborah to the security room for protection. But, the angry students overpowered the security officers, dragged Deborah out. Then she started running but the mob stone and beat her until she died before setting her body on fire.

It was gathered that the usage of the phrase “nonsense prophet” might have angered her Muslim classmates who killed her.

Meanwhile, a lot of Nigerians on social media are calling for Justice for Deborah with the following hashtag: #justice, #juaticefordeborah, #shehushagaricollege, #deborahyakubu.

Watch video of girl killed in sokoto

Below is the video of Deborah’s voice record that led to her killing: Deborah killed in sokoto audio. Video of student burnt in sokoto.

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This information was brought to you by media team. Kindly share until it gets to everyone and the appropriate authorities for justice for Deborah.

Justice for Deborah Samuel!

Justice for Shehu Shagari student!!

Justice for Deborah Yakubu!!!


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tang Junior


    Please my fellow Nigerian, we are in a civilised world. We have laws and legal practised in our society. No matter the crime of a person, no any fellow human being have the right to take the law in their hands. This is not the first time nor the second time that people are being kill simple because of Muhammad, for Christ sake, let the Gods judge the person at the last day. How can a sinner kill a sinner and get away with it? Is not fair. Justice most be done to avert this from re-happening again.

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