How To Automatically Answer Calls on iPhone

In the accessibility section of your smartphone’s settings, you can enable automatic call answering on your iPhone. Additionally, when the option “answer automatically” is selected, the time until the call is automatically answered can be configured. Learn more in the step-by-step guide.

Answer iPhone calls automatically

When you expect to receive an important call but need to perform other things that prohibit you from touching the device to answer the call, the iPhone’s auto-answer call feature comes in handy. For instance, suppose you’re cooking while waiting for a call. The cell phone, on the other hand, rings only when your hands are not free or clean.

You might be driving and need to take a call. If you have the function turned on on your iPhone, the call will be answered automatically without you having to take your eyes off the road. Learn how to configure the accessibility feature by following the steps below:

  • Access iPhone settings: swipe the screen until you find the “accessibility” option in the smartphone settings area. After that, select “touch,” a setting that is part of the physical and motor modifications. Swipe the screen until you see the choice for “audio calls”;
  • Adjust call audio: In this section, you can choose between loudspeaker, Bluetooth headset, or automated audio during a phone call. Finally, select “Answer automatically,” enable the feature, and specify how long your call should be answered automatically.

Make sure your phone isn’t in silent mode before using this feature. It’s also better to rely on the audio warning to signify call receipt, because the call will be automatically answered after the time indicated in the settings.

It is recommended that you switch off the auto-answer option after these specific instances, where you are waiting for an essential call, as it is not in your best interest to allow all calls to be answered in this manner.

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