What NYSC PCMs Need To Know About Discrepancy In Name

Are you one of the Prospective Corp Member (PCM)? Do you want to know about the current update about discrepancy in names of PCMs? If ‘yes’ then you ought to read through this post to be enlightened.

In previous years, the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) had been condoling some certain things, when it comes to inconsistency/mismatch of names on vary documents required for the one year national service.

However, they have made some critical changes in regards to such situations. Hence we deem it necessary to enlighten prospective corp members (PCMs) about these changes that might affect their service year, if not properly checked.

What to know about Discrepancy In Name for NYSC Registration

All prospective corp members should note the following;

  1. The names of PCMs on the NYSC portal must tally with that on their statement of result issued by their institutions.

  2. Addition/Removal of names will not by allowed anymore on the NYSC portal. But minor corrections like rearrangement of names, correcting minor mistakes in names spellings, will still be allowed on the PCMs dashboard. Although not after registration in camp.

  3. PCMs won’t be allowed to register in camp, if the names on the call-up letter is different from the names on the statement of result tendered. That is to say, such person should never bothered wasting his/her time to travel down to the orientation camp.

  4. At the point of registration, once a PCMs had reason to change any name, such person should suspend the registration process and try to rectify the issue with his/her institution before going on with the registration.

  5. Names submitted by the Student Affair officer of any institution, always come from the Senate list of the institution. Therefore, PCMs are to confirm the spellings/arrangements of the names before taking the next step which is registration.

Note: Discrepancy of Name is not something to overlooked, as it might affect one even after the compulsory national youth service.

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5 thoughts on “What NYSC PCMs Need To Know About Discrepancy In Name”

  1. Gud evening,,,pls what of married woman who registered as married but her first name is not complete (Aanuoluwapo) but shown as Aanuoluwa… What next pls,cause her request is dissaproved 2times

  2. Good day,can I correct the arrangement of my name again after I tried correcting the mistake initially

  3. Nnebedum Franklin

    What about a married woman who has changed her name to that of her husband before NYSC?
    How do you see to it?

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