Top 10 NYSC Online Registration Challenges PCMs Are Facing

We will discuss the top 10 NYSC online registration challenges that Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) usually encounter during registration.

There are common problems that could hinder Prospective Corps Members from registering for NYSC online.

Top 10 NYSC Registration ChallengesSome of the most common challenges they are facing are listed below;

1. No record found on the NYSC Senate list

Many Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) usually face this challenge during online registration. This problem usually occur when your Institution is yet to submit Senate list hard copy to NYSC. You can check out why you see ‘No record found’ on the NYSC Senate list. Also, I recommend you read this article, NYSC online registration without seeing your name on the Senate list.

2. No Available State Slot

You are likely to encounter this problem, especially when your registration comes too late. If you see “Sorry there is no available state slot” when you want to select States of choice during online registration, it means that those who registered before you have taken all the available States, and no more States left for you to choose.

Because of this No available state, many PCMs will be unable to complete NYSC registration. To solve this post, you need to patiently wait until NYSC resolve the problem. See, why you see sorry there is no available state slot.

3. You are in Stream 2

This one can be so annoying. So, after happily creating profile on the NYSC portal to start online registration, you will see a shocking message which read as “You are in Stream 2”. If you are having this problem, read this article,  Why you see you are in Stream 2 on your NYSC dashboard.

4. Unable to make payment

Unable to make payment during the NYSC online registration can be frustrating. A lot of PCMs out there are unable to make payment up till now after several failed attempt. If you are having this problem, see how to make payment on the NYSC Portal.

5. You have not been evaluated

Only foreign trained graduates suffer this particular problem because they need to be evaluated before they can register online. To solve this problem, effected person needs to upload his/her evaluation letter. See how to get NYSC evaluation letter for foreign trained graduates.

6. Unable to login to NYSC dashboard

There are some Prospective Corps members who will forget the Password they use to login to NYSC portal. So, when trying to reset the password it will not be going through. To solve this problem go the NYSC secretariat in the state you are. See the NYSC secretariat address in all the States in Nigeria.

7. You have been exempted

Those who graduated at the age of 30 and above will be exempted from service during online registration. See how NYSC calculate age limit for mobilization.

8. No Verification email

At the first stage of NYSC online registration, you will be required to create a profile according. However, this may hinder you as you may have problem receiving verification email to continue your registration.

You keep refreshing your mail and up to 2 days, you can’t see anything. To resolve this issue, relax and give it more times.

9. Awaiting Call Up number

Your NYSC call up number may not be ready immediately after registration, therefore you cannot print your Green Card. For this one, relax and be patient, NYSC will surely hit you with your call up number. See how NYSC call up number look like.

10. Finger print problem

During NYSC online registration, you may find it difficult to thumb print. Some desperate PCMs may ask another person to thumb print for them. On no account should you allow another person to thumb print for you. If you are having challenge to thumb print, keep trying until you get it.

There are many more NYSC registration challenges but we will stop here. You can tell us about your NYSC registration experience in the comment section below.

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  1. Good Afternoon sir . Have been trying to login to my Nysc portal since four days ago and it’s writing invalid mail and have been using it since i started my service. Please sir, what can i do sir?

  2. I spent 2hours yesterday trying to do my biometrics.. for some reason the system keeps saying fingerprint too low. Don’t know why. I’m yet to complete my registration because of this.

  3. Good morning sir, I tried to login into my dashboard this morning but I was unable to login, please what can I do?

  4. Please I need help,when am doing my registration,on my DOB the year was OK but the month and the date are not, pls what can I do because I tried change it but it not doing,dis what is giving me (February01,1992) instead of (May02,1992)

  5. Please help me I went for the registration but my status is saying has not been matriculated cannot register contact your institution

  6. Hello good day, I printed my green card and the section for kit specifications was blank.
    Any ideas on what causes it.
    Will that affect me.

  7. Good morning sir..
    Have made my payment and it wrote successfully paid…
    But to print my green card now is writing u have not made a payment sir…. Please what is the solution

  8. Sir please for those of us seeing no available slot on our dashboard, is some states still going to be available

  9. Please what I can only see on my dash board is only my details. Like name etc. Secondly, I checked my payment status, I saw pending( not used)
    Please what does that signify because I am losing my mind

  10. I am new hear I need a clear answer,I was mobilize on 2018,then I now went further to do nysc registration in that process later discover that I have tow outstanding course already I have made payment for nysc,my HND result is showing 2019 why I do nysc payment in 2018 ,I have already printed my green card,with my explanation will that affect me in camp

  11. Pls sir…there was a mistake in my date of birth..instead of 24/02 it appears as 25/02..pls is there anyway I can correct it?…and secondly….the secondary school I filled is different from the waec certificate..pls I need help…how can I rectify this issue

  12. Pls am done with ma registration yesterday nd d payment bt checking on payment status,am seeing pendin,not used. So plz wt can b d cause.

  13. Social work department university of Nigeria Nsukka is unable to register for nysc all because the course doesn’t show in that column for higher institution.

  14. There is a problem with my year of graduation uploaded on the Senate list,is there anyway to remedy it or I have to wait for my school?

  15. I went for the registration @ Cafe, after Creating the account, I went further for the Thumbprint but unfortunately my Passport failed to be uploaded, so the cafe asked me to go and do another passport. Upon my return, we tried logging in to continue the registration but unfortunately the system replies that I have already enrolled my fingerprints, so I tried logging in using my phone just to discover a woman’s passport on my profile, meaning that he just went further to register her without logging out of my profile, so I was confused on what to do, shall I continue the registration and select my States since is only her passport and Thumbprint on my profile or what do I do

  16. Good morning sir, pls I need help my jamb have three names Anthony Gloria noma while in school am using Anthony Gloria will it affect me going for service.

  17. I made payment on my portal but i was unable to print my green card but when i check my payment status it shows Transactions status: pending (used)… Pls what can i do?

  18. Please, some of my friends can’t open the link why some are not on WhatsApp. Please how can I copy this text and send to them. I have been trying to do that but not going.


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