Why you see “Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment”

Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment

Many Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) want to know why they are seeing “Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment” when trying to register online.

This has been a big challenge to PCMs who did not register on time when others are registering.

However, no one would blame those Prospective Corps Members because most of them are delayed by their respective institutions.

However, the good news is that there is ‘light at the end of a tunnel’. So, in this post, we will explain why you see “Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment” on your NYSC dashboard. If you are among those affected, keep reading.


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Why you see “Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment”

The reason you see that message is because you did not register on time. Those who registered before you have taken all the available state slot.

Does it mean I will not go for NYSC again?

No, that’s not what it means. You will still go for NYSC but possibly with next Stream or Batch if NYSC does not fix the problem on time.

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This usually happen every Batch when online registration is about to end. The truth is that, it’s not an error; the NYSC ICT programmed their system to work that way.

So, what should I do now?

There is nothing to do except to stop your registration where possible. Please, take note of your e-mail and password because you will need it to continue your registration later.

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When will NYSC allow us to complete our registration?

They will allow you to complete your registration when they open registration portal for next Stream or Batch. Or you can skip selecting state of choice. Also, if NYSC extend online registration date you will be able to complete your registration.

How will I know when they extend online registration date?

You will get the information at nyscinfo.com, or like our Facebook page at NYSC information for updates.

Will I begin my NYSC registration afresh?

No, once you login to your NYSC dashboard, you will begin your registration from exactly where you stopped. Please, write down your email and password somewhere because you will need it for subsequent login to your dashboard. If you forget it, ‘you are on your own.

If you have additional questions, go to the comment section below.

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  1. My registration is showing successful,but the state slot is showing unavailable,my question is,is it possible for the state to pop up later in the day before it expires today?and ones it expires without the state slot showing does that mean I can’t go with this batch,even with my registration showing successful?

  2. Abdulkadir salisu

    Anyone please know when the next stream will be made available?

  3. Am not able to choose a state cos there is no available state and also am not allowed to make payment saying something like “error due the credentials I submitted am not allowed to pay, what do I do pls?

  4. I mistakenly press submit when I have not choose state of deployment because it was showing no available slot. Please what can I do? Do I proceed with payment or what?

  5. Please registration started yesterday and by now my dashboard is bringing no available slot…please what should I do….kindly assist me.

  6. Hello ,i have been posted to stream i batch a 2021 but i dont want to go with this stream what can i do to be able to go with sream 2 batch..any particular protocol

  7. Sir my problem is that i cant view my dashboard whenever i tried doing so error messsage popped on my screen saying that ” you cant view your daashboard due to the credentials you have submmited”

  8. Olaniran Mujidat Kehinde

    Pls is NYSC still working on relocation

  9. I mistakenly press summit when it saying no available state slot which am very worried about it because I have not even paid for the call up letter which I was told I can’t pay for without choosing state. Please what the next step

    1. Since you have submitted, there is no problem.

  10. Sir, what of someone who submitted his registration without state because they was no available state slot, and on the dashboard is still showing no available state slot and the person can’t make payment till now

    1. Be patient, NYSC will resolve the issue

  11. Good evening sir… I registered today and after few hours I checked for my green card, and it is there already but my dashboard is saying” sorry you are not in this stream nysc will notify you when to print your call up letter” pls sir what does it mean because I really want to go with this stream 2

    1. Ignore the message. It is an error which will be corrected by NYSC

  12. I’m a 2019 batch B stream 1 currently serving Corp member and when I opened my dashboard this is what I saw
    “Your Registration was successful. Sorry, there is no more available state slot for deployment”
    What could be wrong

  13. Tungbulu Kingsley seinitonkumo

    During my registration,I can’t find any state for me to register.what is wrong?

  14. During my registration, there was no available slots for three of the zones except for just one that’s the south west zone, and I picked just one state, upon the opening of more slots, I couldn’t pick anymore states. Pls what is adviceable? Does it mean that I wud be posted to the one and only state I chose?? Payments have been made.

  15. Mohammad lawan idris

    Good morning, I am here to ask that is that true this time NYSC Batch A is divided into stream 1 and 2

  16. Is it true that there is no stream two for Batch A???

  17. FPA/ST/17/3-0173 LAWAL BUSAYO HOPE

    Pls, I have started my registration but no available state nw…..can I submit like that or how….pls I need full explanation

  18. It’s showing me no available slot. Can I submit it like this?, If I submit without selecting the states, can I select the state slots to complete the registration in the next stream or when they open the slot again?

  19. Pls what is green card?

  20. Please will there be stream 2 in this batch A??? Want to know my fate ooo

  21. Aremu Olajumoke Eunice

    Good afternoon, since their is no more available slot(State),can I suspend the registration e.g can I wait for stream 2 registration?

  22. Pls will they rectify this issue of no available slot so we can continue our registration? And is it possible to be part of this stream with dis no available slot language? Or should I just submit like that without the available states of deployment?

    1. Be patient, it will be rectified

  23. I have registered but my dashboard show there is no more available state slot for deployment. Please help me out?

  24. Hello please my dashboard is showing no available space and I click submit….now it’s showing I’ve been mobilize but no state code and it’s still showing no available state for me….I even check payment info and it’s not coming up on my dashboard please what should I do?

  25. Adeyeye adebayo afeez

    My real age is Nov 10 1990, but I have Nov 10 1989 what can I do to be mobilize

  26. hi, I registered today but saw only two slots for states available I filled d two n d other two I didn’t fill anything cos it wasn’t available. I submitted like that, pls what will happen?

    1. Please I saw no available states on my dashboard .,I log out then log in after sometime it was no longer showing states for me to choose for ,rather I saw make payment and print green card ,please how will I select states or how will I know it has popped up in my dashboard because am worried about not selecting States.

  27. No state available for deployment, what should we do?

  28. I went to my school today, is not from there. Maybe the fault is from Nysc

  29. My real dob is Feb 11 but in jamb I have Feb 22
    How do I correct?
    Because it has already reflected on my Nysc portal

    1. Just go to any cyber cafe near you. Tell them u want to correct your DOB by using WAECC pin.

  30. While trying to submit at the preview stage,it wasn’t going through at first but later replied with The matric number specified has been used for registration.

    1. Try log in, its hase been created

  31. hello, I have registered but the state is bringing no available slot, I later submitted finally. what should I be expecting because I think I cannot pay without picking state

  32. Pls my names are in the Three list but when I try to register it will say you are in stream 2 “However your institution have not submitted the hardcopy ” pls be patient. Why all my course has done theirs. I don’t know what to do again

  33. Good evening sir
    I graduated from the federal university Gashua,Yobe state.my school uploaded our names and submitted the hard copy as well but still our Names don’t appear on Senate List.
    What’s the problem Sir ?

      1. Pls sir how am i to go abt it? Is telling no available state in my dash board nd der is still time b4 d registration will close, is it network issue or wat? Bcos my school upload our names dis Monday

  34. Am a married woman though am yet to register but am I to take some luggage to camp apart from my documents

    1. Yes, you need your luggage

  35. There is an error in my name and i have corrected it on my dashboard but not reflected on my green card

    1. Give it some times, it will reflect

      1. OK my dob is Feb 11 but in jamb I have Feb 22 which is not correct
        How do I correct

        1. Apply for change of dob on ur dash board

  36. Pls my name is on the Senate list but it saying i can not register saying the name on the senate list does not match the one on jamb record…what should I do

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