Will there be NYSC Batch C Stream 2 this Year?

Nysc Stream 2

Prospective Corps members have been asking a lot of questions concerning NYSC Batch C 2019 Stream 2. In this post, I will answer the most frequently asked questions as regards to Batch C Stream 2.

Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Will there be Batch C Stream 2 this year?

Yes, there will be Batch C Stream 2 this year. The NYSC management has made it clear that there is Stream 2, so why bothering yourself?

When will Batch C Stream 2 go for service?

There is no official date yet but according to a reliable source, Stream 2 will start their registration processes on 10th November 2019.

But on 10th November, Stream 1 will still be in Camp?

Yes, it’s only registration processes that will begin on 10th November for Stream 2, according to NYSC source.

I want you to guess when Stream 2 will go to camp?

We at nyscinfo.com don’t guess, we deal only with the information we get from reliable source. However, if you insist, I will show you little calculations that will help you to guess yourself.

It’s known that Stream 1 will go to Camp on 5th Nov. 2019, right?

They will stay for 21 days in camp, right?

Therefore, 5 + 21 = 26.

This means Stream 1 will be through on 26th November.

It will take NYSC less than 3 days to documents Stream 1 Prospective Corps members at Place of Primary Assignment.

Therefore, 26 + 3 = 29.

This means, NYSC will be free to attend Stream 2 Prospective Corps members starting from 30th November.

So, NYSC can call-up Stream 2 on 1st December and discharge them on 20th Dec. 2019.

Then, they will take about 3 days to register them at Place of Primary Assignment.

Everything will end on 23rd December for Stream 2, so that Christians can travel home for Christmas Celebration.


There will be Batch C Stream 2 according to NYSC. That is why they bring close Orientation Camp date for Stream 1. It was 12th November but it is now 5th November. Also, NYSC has option to merge 2019 Batch C Stream 2 and 2020 Batch A. So, keep checking nyscinfo.com for latest updates.

37 thoughts on “Will there be NYSC Batch C Stream 2 this Year?”

  1. Good evening sir I did my reagistration on the 24th October I saw my green card but I didn’t see my call up letter .pls is here anything that delay dat

  2. I am a pregnant- married woman that want to stay with my husband, I have all the requirements which was scanned during registration as a married woman, but unfortunately when I printed my green card, My Tittle and Marital status represent that of Single. pls, can anything be done before my callup letter will be out?

  3. Please what will those that have registered but didn’t receive their call up letters in other to go with stream 1 do? Are we to are we to embarked with another registration process again? Or to only receive our call up letter.

  4. hello,i have my call up number like my friends had, they got their call up letter, but I didn’t get mine. what could be the problem?

  5. Hello, plz as a married woman that want to serve where her husband is leaving,that have marriage certificate and that have done change of names,which other document will I need for me to serve where my husband stay

  6. Hello, I did my regristraion on monday but there was availabe states but on thursday the release some states and i filled it and i did the regristraion they have send me my green card but i have not seen my call up letter yet, will i fall under stream 2?

  7. Like I in uniport my department to be specific is yet to release our graduation list is it possible for us to still mobilize with batch c stream 2

  8. Hello, my name came out yesterday and would love to go with stream 2, should I continue with the registration or I should pause cuz I don’t want to go with stream 1. Thank you

  9. I have started registration already and could not complete it due to “no available slot” for the state of deployment. The thing is that I want to go through stream 2,if I continue the registration when the states pop out, will I be taken to stream one? or how will I go about this since I’ve started registration? and it’s stream2 That I want.

  10. I want to go for stream2 because of wrong info i got earlier that there’ll be no stream2 that yhe next batch will be in march i went to register yesterday 29th October. There was no available slot for deployment.
    Mu question is can i paise the registration and go for stream2? If yes how?
    Please reply

  11. Hello, please I would like to know why foreign student are going to get their green card slip, even after doing the camp verification we still haven’t gotten the green card slip.

  12. Pls, I submitted without selecting states because it was showing ‘no available slot’
    And now states are coming up, what do I do? …pl


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