What To Do If You Send Money To A Wrong Bank Account

As human beings, we all make costly mistakes. Sometimes because of personal challenges that overwhelm us and some other times, because of the lack of enough attention to what we are doing at a given time. Irrespective of the cause, we have all made mistakes in the past and we will still make mistakes in the future.

We conduct banking transactions every day, especially through the widely accepted mobile banking apps, USSD codes, or even visiting a bank to perform a physical transaction. Often, we hear people talk about sending money to a wrong account while trying to send instead to a loved one on a business associate.

Once this happens, many victims throw their hands up in the air in regret, believing that they cannot get the money back again. It is for this reason that we write this article to discuss how you can get your money back in event that you send money to a wrong account which often happens accidentally.

If you mistakenly transfer money into a wrong account, kindly follow the steps below to get your money back:

• Go to the bank you operate with and file a complaint. Upon registering your complaint, the bank will check to confirm if the money truly left your account for the other account.

• If it was confirmed that the money left the account, your bank will notify the bank officials of the wrong account number on your behalf.

• The bank officials of the wrong account number will inform the wrong account number about the money mistakenly transferred into his or her account.

• When the wrong account owner is notified of the development, he or she is expected to corporate with the bank by returning the money if it has been withdrawn already.

• Meanwhile, if the concerned bank account owner refuses to corporate, you may be advised to report to a law enforcement agency like the police.


Alright! That is all about what to do if you mistakenly transfer money into a wrong account number. To be on a safer side, meanwhile, do your best to avoid making this mistake, because it is difficult to get such money back in Nigeria. It may even take months if you are lucky.

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