What will you do if NYSC PAY N19,800 instead of N33,000?

Hello friends! It’s about the NYSC members’ allowance. The question is “what will you do if NYSC pay N19,800 instead of N33,000 for this February?

Recall the Federal government has increased Corps members allowance from N19,800 to N33,000. So as the month of February about to end, Corps members hope again to receive N33,000 allowance.

However, many Corps members are scared that since this is Nigeria anything can happen and their allowance will be reverted back to N19,800.

To add salt to injuries, many Nigerians including Corps members have verbally attacked President Buhari for increasing Corps members allowance.

The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS described the increase in NYSC allowance as useless because of increase in Value Added Tax (VAT).

Also, instead of thanking President Muhammadu Buhari for increasing Corps members’ allowance, they keep demanding for arrears and threatened to sue Mr President.

All these are enough to provoke President Buhari.

See update about Corpers and Ex-Corpers Arrears.

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