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WhatsApp Business App – how to make money from it

As the third most used social media app in the world with about 1.5 billion active subscribers, Whatsapp positioned itself as a platform where you can engage many people about your business and make money by advertising and selling your goods to them. For marketers and advertisers, Whatsapp presents an irresistible opportunity for business.

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WhatsApp Business AppNow that you have learned that you can sell and advertise on Whatsapp, we are sure that you may ask yourself, how can I do this? Well, do not worry because this article will teach you how make money from WhatsApp business app. Also check how I made 2 million from WhatsApp within six months.

How to make money from WhatsApp business app

Follow the steps below:

1. Download whatsapp business app and create a business account

To assist small-scale businesses advertise and make sales online, Whatsapp business app, which differs from the original Whatsapp app, was launched in 2018. This application is equipped with features that make rapid and automatic reply to messages possible. Additionally, it helps marketers provide more information about their products and services.

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The following are the steps to follow to set up your Whatsapp business account:

  • Upon completing your registration, update your profile with information such as business name, address, contact number, website, business hours and email address.
  • Categorize your client base by using labels. Instances are unpaid orders, new orders, or new customers.
  • Design automated replies to welcome your customers and give them any needed information.

2. Use whatsapp statues

Creating Whatsapp statuses is a good way of advertising your goods and services to make sales. This often provide latest information about your business to your customers. Follow these steps to share statuses:

  • Share content and display your products
  • Provide a detailed description of your product. Ensure the description is well convincing to create loyalty.
  • Share your contents and updates direct on your status

3. Use whatsapp broadcast features

The Whatsapp broadcast feature let you send a single message to many people with a single tap. You can reach 256 people at once with this feature. To use this feature, do the following:

  • Design a well detailed and appealing message advertising your products and services
  • Share it as a broadcast message to the customers on your broadcast list
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4. Use group chat

Whatsapp group is created for a specific set of people. The feature gives you the opportunity to reach many people and advertise your product. The fantastic thing about this feature is that you could get a lot of referrals through this feature.

5. Call your customers

You can advertise your products and services by calling your customers, using the call feature on the application. This it to create an environment of trust between you and your customers. Doing this will give them a sense of belonging.

6. Partner with opposite businesses and influencers

Partnering with businesses that offer the opposite of your services and sell a product that differs will help in increasing your audience and sells, as well as the numbers of groups that you belong. Again, it increases your number of referrals.

Source: Nyscinfo

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1 Comment

  1. Prophet sam Tagbo

    January 28, 2022 at 12:06 pm

    How do I start please am interested in this

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