Where To Invest 100k In Nigeria Today

Investment is the process of putting money in a business for profit or gain. We at Nyscinfo.com have interviewed many graduates, especially those undergoing their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program on which business to invest N100,000 right now in Nigeria, below are their responses:

1. Start a computer centre

“I’ll start a computer business centre with it. 100k will get me the machines I really need right now to kick start the business. 50k for printer, 30k for passport machine and 20k for laminating machine. And my location for the business would be University campus.

2. Cosmetic business

“I just finished my NYSC last year November. And I have not gotten any better job. But I will like to go into business if I can rise capital. I will go into cosmetic. I can start little, with time it will grow”. I will rent a shop,(I can start with bacher),buy my chemicals and produce my product…I deal on things like; perfume,liquid soap,balm,hair cream etc den the remaining i buy attachement and weavon to add to the shop”.

3. Football viewing center

“I will start up my football viewing center again. Since I went for service, 2020 batch A, the person I entrusted the business in his hands ruined it. I am back now, I have bought , acquired a huge space. I have already have most of the equipment I needed because it was functional for months.A 00k will go a long way. I get a second TV, decoder, and a Gen. It will also help me expand it to a Bar and a Game hall pending when new season kicks off”.

4. Livestock business

“Livestocks, Rams to be precise against sallah so I can sell each ram purchased at 20k now from village fed them and sell off during sallah At 100k or 150k depnd on size atleast make a profit of 300k out of the 100k”.

5. POS business

“I will start a POS business. With #20,000 I can get a POS, then use the remaining as cash for the business. In a month I will be making over 50k as profit. Note; I have an office space already”.

6. Bakery business

“100k? Well I parked into a new neighborhood and I had studied the environment and discovered that 3 kind of businesses are booming in the area with just few persons doing the business. These businesses are;

  • Roasting of Yam,sweet potatoes and plantain popularly called Bolle
  • Frying of beans cake popularly know as Akara

“With 100k, I can invest in bolle and frying of akara which will yield returns. I will build a shield where customers will seat and eat their bolle and akara. I will also, add pap making and bread to the frying of akara and beans to the roasting of bolle. These two combinations can make a business boom like that of an already known entrepreneur. If I do these two businesses, I will be making more than 5k as profit daily. 5k×7days will give me 35k. 35k×4weeks will give me 140kM. Meaningin a month I shall be making more than 140k as profit in these two businesses. Please these are my business plans and I hope to be a beneficiary of this 100k to start up this business.”

7. Palm oil business

“I will invest it in Palm oil business,,it’s very lucrative,,,it’s been long I have dt in mind but don’t have enough capital to start d business”.

“There is high demand for palm oil daily as 95% of each household uses palm oil daily, palm oil investors normally make high ROI/profit provided if the investor makes good choiceof the oil,, it’s price normally raised between October_decamber
Therefore if 100k is being issued to me I will invest in the business and supply/sell off when it’s price rise”.

8. Donut business

“Will start a donut business There’s this coloured donut mixed in bakery that is Lucrative but not that popular yet. So, if I get that grant now I will start the business gradually. I already have someone who will be helping me mill it in the bakery. All I need to offer is only diesel money for the machine. By the time am recognized in the business, I can now start producing in large quantity”.

9. Charging point business

“There is a high demand of charging point in my area, we see NEPA light once a week, and there is much population and demand for charging coupled with my phone repair skills, I will give you back your 100k in six months Unfailingly”.

Disclaimer: Please note that these are opinions  of people and should not be considered as investment recommendations or financial advice by Nyscinfo. Kindly consult your financial adviser for a professional advisory service.

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