Whitemoney Discharged From Kitchen Activities By Pere

Are you a fan of BBNaija, but have missed some scenes in the season 6? Well the latest update is that Whitemoney discharged from Kitchen activities by Pere has become a blow in the Big Brother house.

The current head of house Pere, who sees Whitemoney’s being in the kitchen often as a strategy in playing the game Bigbrother game, has mandated other hands to replace him.

According to the new head of house Pere, Whitemoney has been in charge of kitchen activities since the onset of the program.

Emphasizing on how he was there during the first week when Peace was the head of house, and second week when Boma was the Head of the house.

He has refused to follow that trend in his regime, as he thinks such duty should be rotated. Angel, Tega, JMK, and Princess were selected to take charge until his tenure as head of house elapsed.

He went further to acknowledge the fact that other head of house can continue with his format of rotating the duty, or if they wish, allow Whitemoney to return to the kitchen.

Remember the Big Brother Naija game is one of the biggest reality tv show in the country, and attract lots of followers. Hence, the housemates who are being observant don’t want to take chances at all.

Whitemoney Discharged From Kitchen by the current head of house Pere shows that, the youth man is being watch keenly all this while.

Anyone can be a threat, and once it is observed, there must surely be a change of plans.

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Source: Nyscinfo

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