Commonwealth Youth Awards 2022

The Commonwealth Youth Awards is a unique honorary platform that is being organized through the Commonwealth Youth program. It is actually designed to recognize and appreciate the works of young persons within the age of fifteen to twenty-nine (15-29) years.

Those who have impacted their communities positively as a member of the Commonwealth, will be opportune to receive the award for excellence in development work.

Objectives of the Awards

The major objectives of the award are;

  1. Highlight the development work by young people in the Commonwealth via sustainable development goal.
  2. Ensure a conducive environment for investment will be attained, which will lead to youth-led development in the Commonwealth.
  3. Unveil the talents, creativity, and commitment of young people who are from the Commonwealth.
  4. Promotes the youths who tend to set high development standards in their communities, and other levels (both local and international).

Nomination Requirements

The expected criteria from nominees are;

  • Must have a development projects which should be on for over twelve months (be if voluntary or professional).
  • Should be below twenty-nine (29) years of age.
  • Must be from a Commonwealth citizen, with the development work taking place in any of the Commonwealth countries.
  • As a Commonwealth citizen, you may nominate yourself or someone else.
  • Finalist (winners) should be willing to be part of the Commonwealth publicity team.

Criteria For Commonwealth Youth Awards presentation

  1. Innovation level of the Nominee.
  2. Sustainability.
  3. Quality of evidence submitted.
  4. Quality of achievement.
  5. Level of impact attained.

Award Process

In each Commonwealth region, four (4) finalists will be selected. Among these finalists, the best will be given a special award known as the Pan-Commonwealth award.

The twenty (20) regional finalists will be given a certificate, a trophy, and a grant worth one thousand euro (£1,000).

For the top five (5) winners in each region, a special first price award will be presented to them. These include;

  • A special first prize trophy.
  • Certificate
  • Extra two thousand euro (£2,000), which will make the total money received becomes three thousand euro (£3,000).

How to Apply for Commonwealth Youth Awards

All interested applicants should click here to submit their applications.

Closing Date: The application deadline is 17th of October 2021.

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Source: Nyscinfo

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