Who will pay for Corps members Covid19 test (N52,000)?

Following the Federal Government announcement of compulsory Covid19 test for all prospective and returning Corps members, there has been a question on who will pay for the test.

Corps members Covid19 test

So, in this post, we will clarify you on who will pay the exorbitant bill, but before that let’s look at the cost of Covid19 test in Nigeria.

What is the cost of Covid19 PCR test in Nigeria?

The cost of Covid19 PCR test in Nigeria depends on where the test is done. So it varies across private laboratories. It ranges from N50,000 – NGN52,000.

Who will pay for Corps members’ Covid19 test?

This is the fear of most prospective corps members because many do not have N50,000 to pay for Covid19 test. But there is nothing to worry about.

A reliable source has revealed to Nyscinfo.com that the Federal Government will take care of the Covid19 test bill for all corps members, prospective corps members and NYSC staff.

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How would the test be done?

The test will be done by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). There will be sample collation centres across all the 36 States in Nigeria including FCT, where prospective corps members are to report for Covid19 test. Further information will be released soon.

Once a sample is taken, you will not go back home or anywhere until the test results are out.  When the test results are out; if tested positive, you will be quarantined immediately, but if negative, you will be moved to orientation camp.

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List of Federal Government approved Covid19 test centres :

Below is the list of government accredited Covid19 PCR test centres;


  • EHA Clinics
  • The 54gene COVID-19 mobile laboratory
  • MedicaidRadio-diagnostics Centre


  • SynLab Ikeja, VI, Lekki
  • 54Gene Lekki
  • MedburyMedical Services, Imeja & Lekki
  • ClinaLancet, Maryland
  • Medical Services, Anthony.
  • VcareDiagnostic, VI Lagos,
  • Others

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Updated: October 17, 2020 — 7:24 am

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