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Why Deployment Tab Was Removed From Nasims Npower Portal

Most N-Power applicants must have noticed that the ‘deployment tab’ has been removed from the Nasims portal. As a result of this, beneficiaries of the scheme cannot see DEPLOYMENT on their dashboard again due to the recent changes that were made on the portal, and they should be rest assured that something good is about to happen.

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NASIMS has pledged transparency and justice to both Stream 1 and 2 of the Npower programme.

However, a lot of people are worried that the programme might have been getting close to an end since President Muhammadu Buhari, who introduced the scheme, has few months to stay in office.

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Meanwhile, NASIMS has released a statement regarding the removal of the Deployment page on its portal.


We have received bulk messages about the removal of DEPLOYMENT status from the beneficiaries’ dashboards with a question why some beneficiaries DEPLOYMENT status are still on their dashboard.
If your dashboard is still showing DEPLOYMENT, then logout and refresh your browser and be cleared of doubt.
We can’t be selective in our dealings with beneficiaries, just be Handy with your self-service portal as we continue to release updates through the portal.

The N-Power Deployment tab is a section of the Nasims portal where the following activities take place:

  • Record update for Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)
  • Redeployment application
  • Downloading and printing of deployment letters
  • Uploading of acceptance letter by beneficiaries
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Tell us in the comment section below, what you think about the removal of ‘Deployment’ on Nasims portal.

Source: Nyscinfô.com

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  1. Charity Boniface


    I have waited for so long for this, why the removal of deployment tab now. Please you should tell us something good, because alot of people including me will faint oh if something reasonable is not done quickly.



    Am very surprised the deployment is not on my dashboard again cos I’m waiting for my deployment

  3. Idris Mohammed


    Thank you very much

  4. Baba gana Hassan


    I think they are want to change something secondly some people said the reason why they removed the PPA npower streem 1 program is end in August but I want know what exactly happened

  5. Adetutu Ogunyemi


    It must be designed to work to permit contribution by members of a group and to help people achieve objectives efficiently in a changing future

  6. Bonny


    I think the Npower is coming to an end. The deployment letter cannot be downloaded. The PPA letter is blank when download showing nothing

  7. Osagie Kingsley


    I clearly believe that the federal government want to permanent all N-power beneficiaries, by a way of changing the deployment page in the the portal to issuance of permanent employment.

  8. John Ralph


    In all you’ve said, you said nothing! I mean no offence but you just keep beating around the Bush.

  9. Suleiman Nasir


    Good day, I think the removal of deployment in the dashboard means good/surprise thing is about to happen, and I wish so ameen.

  10. Andrew Ayuba Nyason


    The reason why the deployment face of the Npower Nasim portal was removed, for my own knowledge is that..? The Npower management and the Technical team, Wants to introduce the Systems of Advantages for the incoming Batch C 2 Beneficiary that have only 8 months left to go with Mr Bugari Bubu Executive President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria…/////

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