Why Npower Batch C2 Posting Letter Download Link Is Unavailable

We’ll be discussing the causes of the blank download link for the Npower Batch C2 posting letter right now. Continue reading!

The fact that Npower management has started updating the batch C stream 2 beneficiaries’ posting records on the Nasims deployment page is no longer breaking news. However, because the deployment information is updated slowly, some beneficiaries’ posting records will appear on the dashboard before those of other beneficiaries.

Given the aforementioned, recipients whose posting record has not yet been updated need not become anxious. All eligible recipients will be posted in the appropriate manner.

The management has likely not published the letter yet, even if the link to it is available, which is why the deployment letter appears blank when you attempt to download it right now. Be patient, then.

The posting letter will be available for download when the Npower management Nasims issues a formal declaration. Because beneficiaries must have the letter accepted at their principal assignments and re-uploaded to the Nasims portal, the letter won’t likely be ready for several days.

The beneficiaries will be informed of all of this and more at the appropriate moment, ideally this month of October 2022.

Recall that in October of last year, the Batch C stream 1 beneficiaries returned to work at their different PPA. In September 2021, they also received their first stipend payment, thus Npower batch C stream 2 should be ready!

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