Why Vast Social Media Following May Not Sell Your Products, Services

Creating social media platforms is a fantastic idea. However, having thousands of followers does not guarantee that you will earn sales. This is why.

If you want to offer a product or service these days, you have to be very strategic about it. And it necessitates a thorough understanding of your target demographic before you begin writing ad copy.

Meanwhile, for marketers that want to take advantage of Twitter’s high engagement rate without spending a lot of money, we’ve put up a list of three ways to make a lot of money on Twitter without running advertisements.

As brand marketer Seun Odegbami put it, “you hear a lot of funny stuff in marketing and sometimes you wonder what the hell is going on here.” There are also some who simply want to blow. Blowing isn’t a strategy, but if you think that having 20k followers and thousands of likes will help you sleep easier, then go for it.

You’ll discover that you can have 20,000 followers without selling a dollar in likes or phony interaction.

Vanity metrics and corporations seeking to be the next Kim Kardashian with 50k followers and more have flooded social media KPIs.

The following are the measurements and details that you should be concerned with as an organization:

  1. Conversions: There are various types of conversions, ranging from sign-ups to downloads to payment.
  2. Running a sponsored ad doesn’t guarantee sales: I believe this is something that needs to be said because converting customers requires a funnel.
  3. Each product has its own product cycle: selling a saas solution can take six months, while selling a conference ticket can take one month. Holding people to revenue expectations for such items would be counterproductive.

If you don’t grasp your marketing and funneling, don’t dream about sales. One of the most common blunders that new businesses make is believing that making sales is a magical process.

Even before diving into affiliate marketing or other similar endeavors, it is critical to understand these concepts so that valuable time is not squandered on trial and error.

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