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Why you did not see your NYSC Call-up letter

Some Prospective Members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) are worried because they could not see their call-up letters on the NYSC portal . In this article, we will show you why you cannot see your Call-up letter on your dashboard.

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Either you see “You’re not in this Batch or Stream” or a blank page on your dashboard, read this post to the end.

If you cannot see your Call up letter, there is no cause for alarm. It’s not an issue you should panic about. We have received many phone calls from different prospective corps members regarding call up letters.

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From the numerous calls we received, the first person said he printed a green card before his friends but he couldn’t see his call up letter while his friends have gotten.

Another said only what she could see is a blank page instead of the call-up letter. Others said, the only thing they saw is an option to print green card slip instead of call up letter.

Why you cannot see your NYSC call-up letter

Below is the reason you could not see your call up letter;

“In order to comply with the NCDC COVID-19 Guidelines, we will not be able to accommodate all the PCMs in stream2. Please be patient and bear with the scheme. You will be communicated when to print your call-up letter in due course. Thank you.

What you should do now.

While waiting for next batch/stream, keep checking your dashboard to know if you will get luck. We hope you now know why you cannot see your Call-up letter on your dashboard? If you have any question, suggestion or contribution, kindly go to the comment section below.

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Please, remember to share this information with other prospective corps members so that their blood pressure can normalize.

Source: Nyscinfo

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