Why You Cannot See Your Call-up letter (2020 Batch A)

Why You Cannot See Your Call-up letter

A lot of Prospective Corps members are worried because they cannot see their call-up letters. In this article, I will show you reasons you cannot see your Call-up letter on your dashboard.

So, either you are seeing “You’re not in Stream 1” or a total blank page, read this post carefully.

If you cannot see your Call up letter, there is no cause for alarm. It’s not something you should be panicking about.

Actually there is a reason you cannot see or print your call up letter, and I’m here to clarify you.

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I have received several phone calls from different prospective corps members regarding call up letters.

From the numerous calls, the first person said he printed his green card before his friends but he did not get a call up letter while his friends have gotten.

Another said only what she can see in a blank page instead of her call-up letter.

Others said, the only thing he can see is print green card slip.

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Why you cannot See your call-up

Please, be informed that 2019 Batch C has Stream 1 & 2. Those that cannot access their call-up letters are in Stream 2, while those that can access their call-up letters are in Stream I.

So, whatever you see on your dashboard, as long as you cannot print your Call-up letter, you are in Stream 2.

What you should do Now.

While waiting for Stream 2, keep checking your dashboard to know if you will get luck.

If you do not see your Call-up letter on 4th November, then smile for Stream 2.

I hope you now know why you cannot see your Call-up letter on your dashboard? If you have any question, suggestion or contribution, kindly go to the comment section below.

Please, remember to also share this information to other prospective corps member so that their blood pressure will normalize.

Updated: January 2, 2020 — 9:31 am


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  1. They send me call up number but they didn’t cleared my verification slip

  2. Pls sir/ma I didn’t see anything in my dashboard and am seeing not mobilize. I thought its was my date of birth on jamb that’s above 30years and my weac is 28 I bought weac verification pin and I change it with my weac verification pin and its says approved. Every since then I havent heard or see anything change its just blank. Pls help and registration is closed.what can I do

    1. Am also facing the same issue. My dashboard is blank

  3. Good morning. Please what I’m seeing on my dashboard is that due to covid 19 I’m in subsequent streams that I’ll be notify when to print my call-up letter so I don’t understand

  4. Ipuole Clement oboh

    I couldnot print my call up later because they said I have been suspended I don’t know what that means
    pls I need your help

  5. I have printed out my green card and it’s showin batch b 2020..and in my dashboard it wasn’t written that I’m not in this batch, but still yet I can’t see my call-up letter

    1. Check your dashboard on 7th November

  6. Good evening, pls, I have been trying to print out my call up letter, an in stream 2 but my dashboard in my mail is showing that my account creation is closed. I honestly don’t know what this means. Today is Wednesday and Thursday tomorrow being the 28th Nov. is when am suppose to resume in camp but am yet to access my mail.

  7. What I can see on my dashboard is sorry you are not on this stream

  8. Sir my problem is they are writing something like this to me, you have not yet been mobilized because you have not uploaded the valid documents, sir this is what is written on my dashboard when see this I when to Cafe re upload my all documents but this is what it’s still writing I need your assistance please

  9. Pls sir my problem is they are writing, you have not yet been mobilized because you have not uploaded the valid documents, sir this is what is written on my dashboard when see this I when to Cafe re upload my all documents but this is what it’s still writing I need your assistance please

    1. Joshua damilola Rachael

      Pls sir are we to go ND re upload our documents because what I saw on my dashboard is sorry u are not in these stream u will be notify when to print ur call up letter

  10. When is stream 2 likely to be in camp.Is it immediately after stream 1

  11. please is it possible 2019 Batch C stream two go to camp before this year runs out?
    cause some people are saying till next year before stream two go for their camp.

  12. Osakue blessing peace

    So any idea on when stream 2 will go to camp or get their call up letter

  13. What date will batch c stream 2 will go Please

  14. Pleas sir can I change my state of deployment while waiting for stream 2

  15. I have issue on date of birth. Can I still doing

  16. Will there be hope for stream 2 this year again and if there’s, when could that be?

  17. Please is it must that I report on the exact DAT that I was asked to report

    1. No, you can report the following day

  18. Blessing charles adodo

    Pls wen is d date for stream2 camp for batchC

    1. There is no official date yet

  19. Hi admin I run a cyber cafe. I did a nysc registration for a married woman whose baby is bearly a week old. During the registration we were asked to select certificate verification center unlike before you don’t need go for physical verication the certificate uploaded alone was used to ascertain claim. But she could not go for verification because of her babe my question is this could this be the cause that her dashboard is showing you are not in this stream. Reply please.

    1. No and Yes.
      ‘NO’ because Stream 2 is mainly determine by late registration.
      ‘Yes’ because NYSC may push her to Stream 2 since she has not completed the mandatory requirements.

  20. good evening, I most really say is not fair, because I registered 3days after the site open, my friends how registered even in die minutes got their call up latter, it’s somehow frustrating I swear,
    when is stream 2 going, I can’t really wait to move

  21. It was stated that sorry u are not in this stream u will be notify when to print ur call off letter.

  22. Michael chesime Solomon

    How many weeks will it take stream 2 to go for camping?

  23. I am a foreign trained graduate,I did my registration on the 21st,went for physical verification on the 28th,got my verification clearance on 31st, my concessional deployment status disappeared on my dashboard on the 1st of November but I am didn’t get my call up number and letter. All I see on my dashboard is you have not been evaluated yet.what could be the problem please

  24. Plsss I want to redeploy and it should be base on medical how can I go about it

    1. You can apply for it when you get to NYSC camp

  25. I have been trying to rearrange my name on my dash board but they keep telling me stories .Any help pls.the name on my dash board is Okoh Michael Peter instead of Okoh Peter Michael. I have printed my green card already .I seriously need assistant

    1. You can rearrange it in NYSC camp

  26. I didn’t even see my green card talkless of call up later and am worried with that and I don’t know what d mean with that. The only thing I printed is the verification cleared slip that’s the only thing I printed out.

  27. but pls if I am posted to the far south south like Adamawa to river with out getting my callup latter on time. when will I reach to the camp on time. Adamawa to river is three days journey.

    1. Your call up letter was ready on 1st and camp date on 5th. That is 3 days difference. Beside NYSC will accept you if you get there on 6th. Just go there

  28. Pls will institution upload more names because i did internal mobilization but my school did not upload my name.will school upload names again because nysc continue registration again on 8

  29. Good afternoon, have been trying to print my call up letter since yesterday, it showing sorry are not on dis stream, we will inform you wen to print.
    Although i don’t choose any state because i use marriage certificate, etc. I register earlier, people register after me saw there own.

    1. Did you go for documentation verification?

  30. Hi, please can we also reg for stream 2 for we that have not reg for stream 1 at all..and does it also means that NYSC can also mobilize us for stream 2?

    1. Yes, you can register for stream2

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