Why you haven’t got email for password reset on NASIMS portal

Many who tried to reset their Passwords, and update their records on the NASIMS portal for N-Power test could not get a verification link on their email to proceed, even though they were told that “a link has been sent…” Here we will explain why some people haven’t got the link, whereas other N-power applicants have gotten and even wrote the test.

Why you haven’t got email for password reset on NASIMS portal

See possible reasons below:

  1. Kindly note that only N-Power Batch ‘C’ applicants with valid submissions will get an email. Meaning that if you did not successfully apply for N-power Batch ‘C’ programme in 2020, you won’t get the email.

  2. If you used wrong email address during N-power application in 2020 you won’t also get the email.

  3. It could also be caused by technical glitch on the NASIMS portal.

Now, the question you should ask yourself is this: “Did you successfully complete N-power Batch ‘C’ online application in 2020, with your correct email address and BVN? If ‘yes’, then your own is caused by technical glitch on the NASIMS portal. To sort it out, you can send a message to support.npower@nasims.gov.ng.

But if you did not complete N-power application in 2020, just forget about getting the email. What you should do now, is to Click Here to apply for this federal government opportunity.

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Updated: March 13, 2021 — 4:55 pm


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  1. I want to change my email address from otuvictoria@yahoo.com to Victoriaotu4@gmail.com,help me pls

  2. Itodo Dickson Vincent

    A message was sent to my email successfully but I can’t find the message on my email

  3. I can’t even get any email after it showed sent several times and this was since yesterday

  4. Daniel onyekwuluje

    I didn’t request for change of password or password reset but I got an email that my password reset was successful, how did it happen?is it from npower if yes can I have and know my password,and if not what will be done about it?

  5. Hw do i no my nasims password

  6. i cant even reset mind, the error message is that, something went wrong, try again later. it happens every time i try this. can you help please?

  7. Have been clicking on reset password for like 3days now and yet to get d link in my mail

  8. The link was sent to me and I reset my password after that I tried to validate my information but it was not validating until they said the session has expired. And after I tried to open it but I am not seeing the link again. Though they said the link has been sent. What could be the problem?

  9. Same issues here have not received any link on my mail to enable me reset my password please help oo is there any solution?

  10. Okojie Christiana Odion

    Goodday!I clicked on forgot password and entered my email which I used for my NPOWER build registration and clicked on sent link, it showed successful I check my email immediately no message from NPOWER I tried severally to send the link to my mail box, always showing successful after 2 days of it, I got a message from no-reply@nasims.gov.ng that I have successfully changed my password
    since then no link was sent again to enable me change to another password. How do I proceed further to update my profile and write my test? Thanks

  11. chimaobi Joseph. N.

    After selecting the reset my password option,I was told that a link have been sent to my e-mail and till now I have not received any email

  12. Suleiman Abdulrahman

    I have changed my password but its telling password reset successfully

  13. Please I haven’t get my email password, it just dey tell me that this is the email that I used for my npower 2020 batch c application, please any hope for me

  14. Adebanji Mojisola

    Is telling me to reset my password after receiving messages that my password reset is successful through my mail

  15. Azeez Rofiyat bukola

    My registration was successful then,now,when I click on forget password it’s telling me to try again I don’t understand,any hope please?

  16. all my registration was valid.but was telling me invalid DOB on. bvn pls how do I go about it..PlS

  17. I successfully did my registration then but no link was sent to my email after clicking on forget password… Pls what’s the way forward

  18. Ogabo Anthony Amali

    I’m find it very difficult to verify my link for the test pls wat should do?

  19. If I link to my email I see success but didn’t sent me to my email I don’t why

    1. I have been trying to log in but keep repeating the same thing that account not found or something went wrong.

  20. How did I get my registration number for the npower pls guide me

  21. I’ve try to put new my password but it’s not work till now. I’m looking for a job seriously, I’ve finished registration npower since July 2019

  22. I still no get the link on my gmail, and they’ve told me that they sent it.

  23. I haven’t gotten the verification link to proceed for the test

  24. I got the link to reset my password, but when I tried resetting it, it displayed password token is not accepted

    1. I was blocked on the process of writing the test. Any hope for me

      1. Adebanji Mojisola

        Please what did u use as your password mine is showing incorrect password please reset

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