Why you may not see Alert for FG Grant

Many applicants are raising concerns about the FG Grant payment, and here’s the crucial information you need to know.

Due to current budgetary constraints, the government can only process grants for 1 million out of the 3.6 million applications received. This leaves 2.6 million applicants without funding at this time.

The disbursement is being done in batches, which might give the impression that payments are not being processed. However, rest assured, the selection process is both rigorous and transparent, ensuring that the grants reach the intended recipients.

Efforts are underway to secure additional funding and expand the program to benefit more applicants in the future. Your patience and understanding during these challenges are greatly appreciated.

Stay updated with us for new opportunities. For those not selected, other opportunities will be shared soon on this website. Read: FG Releases Application Portal for N50,000 Conditional Grant.

11 thoughts on “Why you may not see Alert for FG Grant”

  1. if someone was able to registered on time and you have verified and are still not receiving alerts, consider reaching out to the relevant authority for assistance/due to limited number of candidate needed per quotation

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