Why You Should Know Your State Npower Focal Person

Do you know the person that is in charge of N-Power activities in your State? They are called, the State Focal Person. Here you will see why you should know your State Npower Focal person. The Focal Persons of the National Social Investment Programs (NSIP) are selected officials that oversee, guide, and monitor the activities of the various programs under NSIP i.e. N-Power, NHGSFP, GEEP, and CCT. Also see how to check your Npower deployment status.

All States in the Federation has a designated Focal Person (FP), who is being appointed by the Governor of the States, to foresee the activities of the several beneficiaries in that State. Npower, which is an initiative of the Federal Government, is part of the President Muhammadu Buhari promised to create many jobs for the youths.

The State Government, in support, plays a crucial role towards the success of the Npower program, as they have the opportunity to bring in the Focal Persons who will give report to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

Beneficiaries of the Npower Program will be deployed to schools, health centres, several industries and sectors such as creative industry, agricultural sector and so on, with a compulsory monthly stipend.

So ensuring that everything goes well, it is better for each beneficiary of any NSIP program knows his/her Focal Person, who through him/her complaints/issues gets to the federal government. Sometimes there are cases that can be rectified by the State Focal Person, which makes it paramount to know them.

Currently, the Batch C recruitment of the Npower program is ongoing. And a time will come when most shortlisted applicants will go for physical verification in their various LGA,  the state focal persons will be in charge, and once there are cases of redeployment, name omission, etc. these persons are the ones to first handle it or forward it to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, through a special device given to them.

These focal persons will be paid by the federal government, likewise, beneficiaries of the programs they are to monitor. It is advisable that all beneficiaries should try as much as they could to get the contacts with their state FP’s, to make things easy for them in time of challenges.

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Source: Nyscinfo

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    I am Ofem,cAkedo from Idomi yakurr local government area in Cross river state I need N2,000000 to expand my farm.

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