WINNERS PAID!! The 5 Lucky Winners Of Our ‘Saturday, 7th August 2021’ Giveaway Have Been Paid (See Proof)

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for taking part in our Giveaway challenge on Saturday, 7th August 2021 – We appreciate you all. You can **click here to check the giveaway post!

We are pleased to announce that out of 5 Winners, 3 Winners have been paid. The remaining 2 Winners did not submit their account details, so there is no means to pay them.

Names of Winners and Payment proof

1. Bernard Bassey Jackson ( Paid! )

2. Ophrote Prince Oghenekparobo ( Paid! )

3. Ajor Godwin Ushie ( Paid! )

4. Obioha uchechi patience ( Not Paid! )

5. Tijani Jamiu Adeshina ( Not Paid! )

See proof below;

Note: Those that were ‘not paid’ did not submit their ‘Account information’ to us for payment!

Why they were selected as Winners?

Because their comments got the highest number of ‘likes’.

The Giveaway question was:

“If the Federal Government gives your NGN 300,000 loan, how would you spend it?”

Vital information to all Winners!!

After the winning, we will publish the list of winners on our Facebook Page telling you what to do. Kindly follow us on Facebook, as to know when we publish the list of Winners. If not, you might forfeit your reward!

Failure to do what you are instructed to do on our Facebook Page will result in us not paying you if you win any of our Giveaways again.

How to know when we post a New Giveaway

Do you want to be among the first people to know when we post a new Giveaway? Being among the first people to comment gives you an edge – take note!

So, instead of refreshing our website endlessly to know when we post a giveaway, why not join us on Facebook or Telegram so you can be notified instantly when we post a new giveaway.

This way, you will be among the first to know about a new Giveaway post and you will not miss any of our updates.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “WINNERS PAID!! The 5 Lucky Winners Of Our ‘Saturday, 7th August 2021’ Giveaway Have Been Paid (See Proof)”

  1. Obioha uchechi patience

    I am obioha uchechi patience, am among the winners please here is my account details;
    Account number: 3093793598
    First bank

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