You are yet to Pay our Arrears – Corps Members Tell NYSC DG

Corps members have once again reminded the Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps, Brig. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim to pay their arrears.

It is worthy to note that President Muhammadu Buhari signed N30,000 minimum wage into law on Thursday 18th April, 2019.

The minimum wage law was not immediately implemented, which necessitates the payment of arrears to workers including Corps members.

When the minimum wage law was fully implemented in January, 2020, civil servants were paid arrears, but Corps members were left out.

However, the NYSC DG, on several occasions clarified that there is no arrears for Corps members. Reacting to this, a Corps member, identified as John Matthias said:

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“We will take this as a breach to democracy because paying in arrears is an agreement reach out between the federal government and the labour that arrears would be paid as soon as the national minumum wage is fully implemented.

“I don’t know why the federal government is too adamant about this but to say the truth Director General should open up to federal government about the non payment of our entitlements.”

Corps members expected the NYSC DG to fight over their arrears as the head of the scheme, which he obviously not doing.

Also, Corps members reminded the NYSC DG that Federal Government paid arrears to Corps members during the Former president Jonathan’s administration.

“What about the indices of President Ebere Goodluck? Didn’t he pay arrears? Why are we over flogging issues to the detriment of the public due for their commensurate profit,” Artman Godwin said.

Another Corps member, Abdullah Ogacheko, on social media said:

“No going back, agitation for arrears continue until BUHARI AND NYSC DG pay us. If they fail to pay, our pray is that they will experience strange visit. Who knows how coronavirus came.

“GOODLUCK paid, and Buhari goverment should not be exceptional. DG I advise you to meet with BUHARI and change the idea of not paying copers arrears, since the increment affected them they deserve to be paid.”

If you have anything to say about the Corps members’ arrears, you can use the comment section below.

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Updated: April 9, 2020 — 3:37 pm


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  1. U see during our own time no Corona various, we pay our service with out any selfishness.. some od us in the sun , some in the rain from different locations across the nation… Tied less together with government personal some school it only corpers that has the pariority to conduct the students… We even use our own capital to upper our services for that we don’t have to left behinds, we areseeking government favor to fulfill it promise…. We are it children and leaders of tomorrow we’ll surely act The way we been traits of either Right or wrong.

  2. I think for me,we should report this matter to appropriate authorities who can help us, with this serious matter on ground. Since the DG is not ready to help us.

  3. Falalu Muhammad Tukur

    Unemployment is the major cause of illegal acts including drug Abuse, Arm robery, kidnerping and so on. Paying courpers arrears will surely reduce the level of unemployment because it’s source of capital to start a small scale business.

  4. Please I beg the FG to pay us our arrears to enable us start a little business so that our SAED lecture we received will not be in vain.

  5. Government should pay corps members their arreas so as to eradicate the high rate of unemployment.

  6. They are going to pay am sure of that

  7. What I still don’t understand is why the DG NYSC is taking the side of not paying arrears to Corp members.
    claiming they are not civil servant is not good idea, because it was minimum wage that was increased not civil servant wage.
    Please, let him look into this arrears issue and fight for his children.

  8. Maybe FG did nt know dat paying this arrears is a way of empowering the youth. U ask us to go for SAED, what do u expect us to start the skill we acquire with after service? As fingers are not equal…I believe this will reduce high rate of unemployment.

    1. *…the youths

    2. You are very correct sister balqis…
      Paying the ex corps members arreas is the most generous duty that hang in the Nick of federal government to fulfill it promise.. although it will enhance the graduate to start something good with which government it self will be proud up… In different locations over the nation.

  9. Federal Government should endeavor to settle up the arrears owing Corp Members. It’s their entitlement. most of these Corp Members are yet to be gainfully employed.

  10. Atagya Benjamin Terkimbi

    To me,I expected FG by now to comeout and address us proper on our arrears issue, so that we should know when they’re going to be pay,I believe that the NYSC corps members arrears is something that FG cannot hesitate to,because in 2011 under former president Dr.Goodluck Ebele Jonathan administration, he paid all corps members their arrears. And again I want to appeal to our Able, Intelligent, Gallantry NYSC DG to talk with Mr. President Muhammadu Buhari concerning our arrears.
    God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    Atagya Ben’tex

    1. Really,I must appreciate PMB’s Administration for the positive adjustment in minimum wage.

      However, it’s pitiably sad that the same PMB’s Administration finds it difficult to take dressing from the previous administration; If it can pay Others, what’s wrong with paying Corps members arrears?

      Who’s misleading the NYSC DG to thinking that Corps Members aren’t civil servants? Who’s a civil servant? Aren’t we rendering civil service to our nation? Does the Public Officers Protection Act not apply to us?
      Are Public Officers enjoying the increment in minimum wage and by implication, the arrears? If yes, why then are we excluded from enjoying same?

      What’s wrong with our Government?🤔

      If the Government is oblivious of the trite fact that arrears must be paid to Government’s salaried earners to conform with the increment in the minimum wage, it should apply precedent; let it look at the past records of the previous Administration in respect of arrears payment and apply same.

      Make dem try learn na🙄

  11. I have this payment of areas in mind if they are not doing anything let’s go to Abigail after this convid 19

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