10 Benefits Of Becoming A CLO During Your National Service

We will show you 10 benefits of becoming a CLO during your National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme.

There are a lot of benefits those who are CLO enjoy, and we will look at them in this article. But before that, let’s look at the meaning of CLO.

Benefits Of Becoming A CLO

What is CLO?

CLO means Corpers” Liaison Officer. It is the highest ranking Corps member who leads, coordinates and supervises other Corps members in a local government.

Functions of Corper’s Liaison Officer (CLO)

The main function of the CLO is to assist the Local Government Inspector (LGI) in carrying out his duties. Some other functions include;

  • Notifying the LGI of available PPA’s in the area
  • Assisting in clearance process
  • Coordinate CDS meetings
  • Help in menial jobs useful to the LGI
  • Monitors and reports the activities of the Corp members to the LGI
  • Leads in the registration of new Corp members, and other similar duties.

The CLO is inarguable, more privileged than other Corps members. Now, let’s look at the benefits of becoming a CLO.

10 benefits of becoming a CLO

Below are benefits of becoming a CLO during your NYSC;

1. Respect

At the time you become a CLO, people’s perception and regard for you will change. Fellow Corp members recognize that they are under your authority and would respect you. Also, People’s expectations from CLO make him to act in high regard, in conduct and attitude. This make him gain more respects.

2. Leadership Skills Development

Becoming the CLO would improve your leadership skills. The duties and roles of the CLO would challenge the leadership ability in you and make you a better person.

Frequently, you will appear before a crowd of Corp members and address them. So, because of the difficulty involved in leading a person, your patience, spirit, and your standard of morality would all be tested, which would inadvertently increase your leadership skills level.

3. Public Speaking Skills

Another benefit of becoming the CLO is that it helps you to develop your public speaking skills.

Since CLO always have to speak to a group of people with a lot of confidence and negotiate where necessary. You will develop public speaking skills by being a CLO.

4. Raising Up Your Business Network

With the close association with the Local government Inspector (LGI), if well harnessed can be a chance to meet other people on the same level with him or even higher.

Aside the LGI you will be in contact with other senior government workers in the local secretariat which can easily increase your business network.

5. Boosting Your CV

Imagine a CLO going on an interview with someone else that has a similar level of education, qualification and abilities, but was not a CLO during his service year. Who do you think the company would likely pick?

It is the CLO because most companies need someone who is a team player, someone who has leadership skills and can easily coordinate people to achieve set goals.

A certificate is always issued to the CLOs to recognize their efforts, and this can add advantage to their CV.

6. Earning Menial Income

There are small opportunities for the CLO to make earnings during their service year. Although, most of these ways might be illegal, but we have to count it as part of money that enter their pockets. These includes; small payment for registrations, a bribe from ghost Corpers, etc.

7. Developing New Talents

As a CLO, you will have the opportunities to learn new skills. Some of these skills include; taking records, financial accounting, files, documentation, presiding a meeting, etc.

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