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How To Serve As Ghost Corper During Your Service Year

WARNING: This article, ‘how to serve as ghost Corper during your service year’ is strictly for educational purpose. We will not be responsible for any unauthorized use of this content.

You must have heard a lot about ‘ghost workers’ in Nigeria. Well, in case you don’t know, there are also ‘ghost corpers’ in National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

How To Serve As Ghost Corper

Before we show you how people ‘ghost’ their service Programme, we want to remind you that this information is for educational purpose only. Nyscinfo, its authors, editors and contributors will not be held responsible if used form other purposes.

Who is a ghost Corper?

Ghost Corpers are National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members who do not really serve. They only take part in monthly clearance or do their clearance by proxy, and in some cases may not take part at all.

Types of Ghost Corpers

There are different types of ghost corpers;

  • Amateur ghost Corpers
  • Intermediate ghost Corpers
  • Professional ghost Corper

Amateur ghost Corpers

This is the lowest level of ghost Corpers. These Corps members attend weekly CDS meetings and also take part in monthly clearance but they do not work in their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

They arrange with the employer and become ghosts in their PPA and go about their hustling. When they receive allowance, they will give their PPA boss about 20% of the money.

If NYSC Inspectors visit their PPA and find them absent, their PPA boss will cover them by telling the Inspectors the ghost corper was sent for an assignment.

Tipe: If you are an NYSC Inspector, don’t just leave like that, conduct underground investigation to find out truth about the whereabouts of those Corps members.

Intermediate ghost Corpers

Corps members in this category do not even stay in their state of service (deployment). Imaging someone that was posted to ‘Sokoto’ but he will be in ‘Lagos’ going about his daily business.

They don’t attend weekly CDS meeting, however, they show up once every month for the monthly clearance.

Professional ghost Corper

This is the highest hierarchy of ghosts corpers. They are mainly from rich background, especially politicians children.
They don’t do any single thing as Corps members: no PPA, no CDS, no monthly clearance. Just nothing, but they are serving Corps members.

In most cases, they do not even attend Passing Out Parade (POP) but they will get their Certificate. While serving, they can travel to different countries on holiday. This is just like when Davido was serving as a Corps member without a PPA.

You will hear in news that they are serving, next is pictures of them on a well ironed NYSC khaki with their Discharge Certificate celebrating.

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How to serve as a ghost corper

There are three (3) different ways to go about serving as a ghost corper (this is for educational purpose only);

1. Striking a deal with your PPA

You can negotiate with your PPA boss by explaining things to him/her. They can permit you to be away from the PPA and just be on your own.

However, they will be giving you a monthly clearance letter, stating that you duly served in the organization.

However, this requires you to be attending weekly CDS meeting and monthly clearance. If you can also settle your LGI, CLO or CDS excos, you won’t need to attend CDS. They will always mark you ‘Present’ even when you did not come for the meetings.

Mind you, your PPA may not allow you to leave them and go away just like that. But if that is the case, you can employ someone to cover. That’s a bit easier when your PPA is a school. I remember when I was serving, my CLO was corrupt, he covers about 4 persons in their PPA (School) and receives 5k from each per month.

2. Approaching NYSC Office

Another way you can go about serving as a ghost corper without needing to talk to your PPA, is approaching your Local Government Inspector (LGI).

Most LGI are into the business, and they make a lot of money from it. So, it’s not a strange thing to them. Just walk into his office and talk business with him.

You guys will agree on a certain percentage of your monthly allowance and the job will be done. When NYSC allowance was N19,800 some LGI collect up to N10,000 per month to ghost one corper. Now, the allawee is N33,000 who knows how much they collect?

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So, if 10 Corpers ghost their service, the LGI will be collecting N10,000 × 10 = N100,000 per month plus his normally monthly allowance.

This is often the easiest way, because with this, you may not even need to be coming for monthly clearance.

But with the introduction of biometric clearance (thumb printing), of course the LGI cannot help. You will still need to come for your monthly clearance.

3. Approach the NYSC Director-General or State Coordinator

Wow! NYSC DG as a high ranking military officer will not tolerate such. He’s anti ghost Corpers, so don’t near him or do it at your own risk. Na only the president and other top officials fit do this one. Assuming you are one of Mr President children, with just a phone call, you’ll become a professional ghost Corper.

If your father is the State governor or if you know someone who knows someone in the government, you can reach to the NYSC State Coordinator through the person.

The State Coordinator has power to work your redeployment to his/her State, and then make you a professional ghost Corper.

WARNING: There is corruption every where in Nigeria and NYSC is not an exception. This article is for educational purpose only. It does not encourage ‘ghosting’ in NYSC nor suggest that the scheme is corrupt. There is always bad egg among the good ones. It is wrong to say that other eggs are bad because of one egg.

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What NYSC is doing to stop ghost corps members?

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is known to be corroborating with the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and other agencies to combat corruption in the society.


NYSC will not spare any staff or corps members caught in corrupt practices. So, to curtail the activities of Ghost Corpers, NYSC introduced a biometric technology for the corps members’ monthly clearance and CDS meetings.

The deployment of biometric technology in the clearance of corps members commenced in April 2017.

The biometric clearance system was designed to enhance adequate monitoring and monthly clearance of Corps members including CDS at their Places of Primary Assignment using their fingerprints and personal data.

Our recommendation

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) should use the biometric system to monitor corps members’ attendance at their various PPA, because it seems as if it is not yet functional in all PPA. With this method, the issue of ‘ghosts’ will be over.

Check out this: how to make NYSC post you to a place of your choice.

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  1. Ashade Oluwanifemi


    I saw my verification slip yesterday night..I’m a foreign students and till now I’ve not been able to print my green card does it mean I’ll be going with stream 2?

    • No, it does not mean that. Keep checking your dashboard.

    • Ife


      So have you been called up now?
      Cos I was cleared on the 5th, and nothing till now. It’s says I’ve not been evaluated yet.

  2. Friday


    Life of a ghost copper. Hmmm
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