10 Best Healthcare Recruitment Agencies In UK

People reading this post may wonder why so many healthcare experts are relocating to the UK. One answer is how highly valued that field is there. Regardless of your nationality, you would be eligible for benefits if you worked as a healthcare professional in the United Kingdom because the field is highly respected.

The hospital workforce, which includes nurses, doctors, and laboratory assistants, to name a few, is included in the healthcare industry. Accessing jobs in the healthcare industry may be challenging without the help of recruitment firms.

It is for this reason that we have taken time to research and list out some highly reputable recruitment agencies that facilitate your employment at any UK hospitals.

10 best Healthcare Recruitment Agencies In UK

A list of some of the top international healthcare staffing firms in the UK may be seen below. Some of the recruitment agencies’ contact information and a link to their official website are shown below.

1. Medical Staffing Ltd

This medical staffing company has been in business for more than 15 years, and they connect locum and acute care workers with local governments, NHS hospitals, and primary care facilities. They have areas of expertise in general practitioners, radiography, physiotherapy, nursing, and pharmacy.

2. Artemis Recruitment

Since its founding in 200, Artemis has employed professionals who are experts in finding the following job candidates: medical secretaries, practice managers, medical administrators, medical receptionists, health care assistants, HCAs, and nurses.

3. Pearls Recruitment

In the UK and other European nations, Pearls Recruitment, a reputable independent medical recruitment agency, offers recruitment services. They are experts at finding and hiring qualified nurses, medical technologists, senior care assistants, live-in caregivers, consultants and physicians, allied health care workers, support staff, domiciliary caregivers, physical and occupational therapists, health care assistants, managers and deputy managers, and domestic staff for care facilities.

4. Mylocum Healthcare Recruiters

Originally founded as a nurse recruitment service, Mylocum now hires for a variety of healthcare professionals, including physicians, general practitioners, allied health specialists, and healthcare assistants.

5. Dayimte Healthcare

Daytime Healthcare offers temporary staffing services and focuses mostly on hiring for daytime shifts. They provide personnel to private hospitals, jails, nursing & residential homes, doctor’s offices, health and care trusts, area teams, special health authorities, and schools.

6. YourWorld Healthcare

This international healthcare recruitment agency was founded in 2005, and they are involved in placing a wide range of healthcare professionals in the public and private healthcare sectors. These professionals come from all medical sectors, including nursing, doctors, allied health professionals (AHP), health science services (HSS), and non-medical non-clinical.

7. Bluerock Healthcare

One of the most seasoned healthcare recruitment firms in the UK is Bluerock Healthcare. They offer services for temporary, permanent, and temporary to permanent recruitment.

8. Thornbury Nursing

There are locations for Thornbury Nursing throughout Wales and the UK. They have more than 35 years of experience and offer consumers that require them specialized nurses. They have offices in five British cities, and their recruitment number is 0345-120-5252.

9. Medacs Healthcare

For the public and private sectors, Medacs Healthcare offers temporary and permanent healthcare recruitment services. They offer recruitment services for jobs such as those for physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, social workers, and mental health specialists.

10. Skilled Healthcare International Limited

The company Skilled Healthcare International Limited was founded in 2015, and its staff members assist with nurse recruitment in nations like the UK, US, and the Philippines. They offer staffing options for medical professionals, nurses, and other allied health workers.

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