10 Networking Tools To Help You Get A Job In 2021

Here we shall be looking at the top 10 Networking tools to help you get a job very fast.

Networking Tools To Help You Get A Job

Networking simply means getting to know people. There is a saying that, “no one is an island of himself or herself “. This is very true because you can’t always sort yourself by yourself. Also check out: Fastest Ways To Get A Job In Nigeria.

Sometimes you need people to sort you out. This applies to many aspects of life including the area of getting a good job.

Networking is not supposed to be a day’s job, but it is a gradual act as we meet new persons daily, we should learn to clinch to those whose skills, interest and even course of study are related to ours.

Those are the people that could connect us to new jobs and even help us mobilize upward in our job.

Networking is not a tough thing that needs any extra lessons or training, it is simply done the same way we do our day to day interactions such as introducing ourselves to a friend’s friend, opening a conversation with colleagues at work, meeting new people at a party, in a religious gathering or even on the social media.

Networking starts here, when you discuss your employment status, skills, and interest with your new acquaintance, it could be your way of getting a job or progressing in your job ladder.

It also about helping others. As human beings, we are created to connect with others. Without these connections, you may become isolated and experience loneliness and even depression.

So the main aim of networking should be to revitalize your existing relationships and develop new ones.

There are a lot of times that available vacancies will not be advertised, and It is only who you know that can get you a job at this time.

Networking can make you a recommended member If a very small pool. With networking, you can get accurate information about a job even before getting to the company to use It for yourself.

10 Networking tools to help you get a job

To get yourself a good network that could birth a good job for you, below are 10 Networking tools that will help;

1. Learning

You can increase your skills that would help you get a job by learning. Learning can be in different forms such as taking courses at a community college, working through a certificate program, or attending professional courses and meet-ups will help you meet people outside of your regular social circles.

Usually, people who attend these courses would be people in your field whose interests are the same as yours and who can contribute to your career growth. This method of acquiring a network is more helpful to beginners in the job lane.

2. Online publication

This is another fantastic networking tool. By creating, intelligent and attractive contents online, you can get noticed easily, and then connect with a potential helper that can help your job search.

This is very easy as it can be done on free online channels such as social media and blogging platforms. Your publications should be frequent, educative and interesting.

3. Conferences, workshops, and summits

Don’t just watch, you should make things happen. Another networking tool is attending conferences, workshops, and summits.

Since people from your professional field would be present, you can begin a conversation with them with your experiences, and from there, you would create a relationship with them.

There are a lot of conferences you can attend, ranging from one-day niche summits to week-long industry-wide trade shows, so it’s important to find the conference that best fits your networking objectives, choose and plan to attend.

4. Volunteer jobs

You can get a good network by volunteering to be part of a community project or a company’s project, bringing intelligent ideas, and also join the work proceeds as this can impress the set of people that would recommend you for an appointment.

5. Socialize

Socializing is simply getting involved with others. You can’t help your networking by being a social deviant, you must always conform with any gathering’s norms to attract people.

You shouldn’t be a social isolate. As simple as socializing is, it is highly influencing in creating a network. By acting in your natural state, you create organic connections.

Relationships built through mutual hobbies and extracurricular interests outside of work can become the strongest, longest-lasting connections in your network.

6. Social Media

Your favorite social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc) will be useful for networking. whichever ones you are more comfortable with would also produce the most relationships for you.

Figure out which social networks will broaden your connections and lead to the most meaningful discussions for your career. Then, focus on these sites and get in touch with people. Don’t forget to also keep in touch.

7. Quality, Not Quantity

This has to do with the numbers of contacts you have on your social media platform as against their worth. For instance, Several LinkedIn users have thousands of contacts they have never even Googled.

These alliances are just numbers, you should make sure the numbers of people you have contacts with are those who have the capacity to connect you.

8. Share what you’ve learned with individuals and small groups. As you start an intelligent conversation, your thought and your leadership potential grows. The more established you are in your field, the more opportunities you’ll have to meet new people and show off your core capabilities.

9. You should always be yourself, hirer’s like employable people. Show likability, and you will increase your memorability. Being charismatic is also a tool in this line that can help networking.

10. You can also increase your chances of getting networks by getting involved with other job seekers. You can do this by Joining groups online and in-person to find a fellow job seeker who is in a similar line of work.

Set up weekly check-ins and help yourselves. You can help yourselves by finding and sharing job search In your path, and also keep others motivated by combining your efforts and assets, your search will surely get a boost in the right direction if you can do this.

Since it’s already established that networking is an important tool for getting employed, you can make use of the tools above to get networks that are capable of helping your job search.

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