Top 30 Questions Job Seekers Need To Ask Employers During Interview

It’s very important to ask your prospective employers some questions during the interviews. A lot of people have had lost opportunities because they failed to ask questions. However, before we show you top 30 questions job seekers need to ask employers during interview, read carefully this wonderful story. Also check out:Β 9 Most Popular Jobs In Nigeria This Year.

Top 30 Questions Job Seekers Need To Ask Employers During Interview

‘Jennifer’ is a recent graduate who had just concluded her youth service. Her initial plan was that maximally, at the end of two weeks after her Passing Out Parade, she must have gotten her dream job.

Jennifer is a very enthusiastic lady so she worked to get herself about three interview invites.

One of which was her dream job of becoming a human resource manager.

Jennifer had prepared so well for every possible question her interviewer might ask her. Luckily for her, as soon as she entered the interview room, she saw her old school mate who was among the interviewer. And she was very happy and concluded in her heart that she has gotten the job.

Jennifer began the interview and she impressed her interviewers. At the end of everything, the last member of the interview group, Mr. Ken commended Jennifer for her smartness and then ask her if she has any questions for the crew.

But Jennifer disappointed them by saying she has none. They were disappointed to the level that it is reflecting in their countenance. The interview ended and Jennifer went her way, hoping to hear back from them, and even didn’t attend the other interviews.

Four weeks later, Jennifer has been waiting to hear back from her potential employer but there was no message from them.

She was forced to ask her old school mate who was a member of the crew if he could provide her with any information regarding the job she applied for, her friend then told her that she was one of the best two candidates the crew considered but she lost the job because she refused to ask questions. Jennifer was disappointed but she is strong enough to try again.

The fact that Jennifer refused to ask questions during her interview denied her the opportunity to get her dream job.

This article is meant to prepare job seekers for the opportunity they have been waiting for so that their case would not be like that of Tessy.

Asking questions is a very important part of the interview that many job seekers usually neglect. The majority of job seekers are usually prepared to answer questions but fail to ask questions.

Generally, people always believe that if you don’t ask questions about a concept or situation, that means you are not interested in the concept or probably you don’t understand it.

As for employers, they believe for you to be effective in a given role, you have to perfectly understand the role and also be very interested In the position. For you to prove this, you have to prepare to ask questions.

In some cases, what usually ensues is that the question on the job seeker’s mind has already been discussed during the interview and then they would be left with no question to ask.

So that this would not be your case, as a job seeker, you have to read through these questions so that you will not run out of questions to ask your potential employer.

Top 30 Questions Job Seekers Need To Ask Employers During Interview

Here are 30 questions you can ask your interviewers during the interview:

  1. What is expected of a successful candidate for this position?

  2. Who is an ideal candidate for this post?

  3. What are the most immediate projects to be executed?

  4. Can you show me examples of projects I will be working on?

  5. What are the likely challenges someone in this position would face?

  6. What were the flaws of the initial candidate in this position?

  7. What are the skills and experiences you are looking for in an ideal candidate?

  8. What does a typical day at work look like?

  9. Can I know more about the organization Of the company?

  10. What sort of budget and expenses would I be working with?

  11. Is this a newly created role?

  12. Do you expect the main responsibilities for this position to change before the end of one year from now?

  13. Are there opportunities for advancement or professional development?

  14. Would I be allowed to represent the company at industry conferences?

  15. What is the duration of my training?

  16. What kind of professional training are available for the company’s staff?

  17. Where have successful employees previously in this position progressed to?

  18. What are the most important things you would like to see someone accomplish withIn the first 90days on the job?

  19. What are the performance expectations of this position over the first 12 months?

  20. What is the performance review process like here?

  21. How often would I be formally reviewed?

  22. On what basis will my performance be evaluated?

  23. When can I resume work?

  24. Tell me more about the company

  25. Who are the major competitors of the company?

  26. Tell me about the company’s new products or plans for growth?

  27. What are the current goals of the company?

  28. What are strategies the team is planning to use in reaching those goals?

  29. Can you describe my daily routine at work?

  30. What kind of skill is the team looking for that makes you want a new hire?
    From the foregoing, you should know that there are varieties of questions to ask when you want to impress your interviewer.

You can ask questions about the company, the role, the company’s product and services, the companies competitors, and also personal questions about your interviewer wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Your ability to ask intelligent questions will be a chance to prove your interest in the role, to learn new things, and also to determine if the job would be an ideal job for you.

Preparation is crucial. It’s important to have at least two or three intelligent questions that can demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job.

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