23rd March: 5 Npower Updates You May Have Missed 

This week, the management of Npower sent out a good deal of important information to all beneficiaries across Nigeria. As we have always done, this series of important information was duly shared on Nyscinfo.com for the benefit of our esteemed readers. In this Npower update article for today, we are taking our time to refresh your memory by showing you 5 important information released by Npower this week.

  1. Npower management has reminded beneficiaries of the consequences of not attending PPA as they step up efforts to ensure that all batch C2 beneficiaries’ stipend payments are approved. Find out what will happen to beneficiaries who don’t attend their PPA, according to Npower, here. Npower will delay payments to PPA absentees for 45 days.

  2. Npower claimed they have sent out account validation messages to Beneficiaries containing the link to authenticate their account credentials to collect their underpaid in the most recent update regarding the ongoing stipends payment of batches C1 and C2. View information here Npower Stipend Payment – Nasim’s New Update For Beneficiaries From Batch C2 and C1.

  3. According to Npower’s management, its technical staff is attempting to fix the problem message that appears when Npower C2 Beneficiaries attempt to access the validation link.

  4. The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs stated that they had given the first group of Nexit beneficiaries 3 million each after the training in response to questions from exited Npower beneficiaries about the Nexit scheme. This information was provided by the 36 states and FCT Npower representatives.

To verify the veracity of the rumors spreading concerning the Nexit beneficiaries’ payments, Npower has not yet issued an official statement.

  1. The Npower batch C 1 work nation promised to the exited Npower batch C1 beneficiaries is still there; however, batch C1 is taking advantage of the Minister’s Generosity of 3-month stipend payments. You might also want to read the update NMFB Launched OBL Loan Portal Link For Applicants.

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