Airtel 20X Recharge Bonus – N100 Turns To N2000

The Nigeria leading provider of mobile network and 4G services, Airtel has come up with a great offer ‘Airtel 20X Recharge Bonus’, which gives customers up to 20 times the value of their recharge.

Airtel 20X Recharge BonusThis plan was rolled out when other networks are busy hiking prices of their services. With this, Airtel is now the safest place to run to.

The Airtel 20× Recharge Bonus, multiples every recharge by 20 times. For example;, N100 turns to N2000, N200 to N4000, 1000 to 20000, and more.

When MTN is busy increasing Goodybag price and Glo reducing their 3G/4G data, Airtel has proven to be the way out.

Breakdown of the Airtel 20X recharge bonus

  • N100 recharge will give you N2000,
  • Where #500 is allocated for calls and #1500 for data.
  • N200 recharge will offer you N4000,
  • Where #1000 is allocated for calls and #3000 for data.
  • N300 will get you N6000 bonus, where #1500 for calls and #4500 for data.
  • N500 will give you N10000, where #2500 is for calling, while #7500 is for data.
  • And N1000 recharge will give you N20000 bonus, where #3500 is for call and #16,500 for data.

Kindly note that bonuses can be used for calls, text messages and browsing the internet.

Eligibility for the Airtel bonus

All prepaid customers who have not used their Airtel line for the past 30 days or more. Usage includes calls (incoming or outgoing), SMS (incoming or outgoing) or data.

How to Activate Airtel 20X Recharge Bonus

It is simple! To activate the Airtel 20× Win back recharge bonus on your line, recharge with your desired amount, then dial *241# and choose your preferred plan.


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