Medical Student Discover Friend’s Corpse during Practical

What if, as a medical student, you find out that the corpses that you are to work on as part of your practical session is of your friend who was declared missing for many years? Well, here is a story of the experience of a medical student at the University of Calabar. Medical Student Discover Friend’s Corpse during Practical

The campus of the University of Calabar was thrown into tears recently as a medical student who was identified by the BBC as Enya Egbo, 26, discovered the corpse he was to dissect during a practical session was that of his friend who had been missing for years.

The report described how Egbe recalled the afternoon of the incident, saying that he along with his classmates gathered around three tables with a cadaver laid on a table for them to dissect, only for him to scream loudly, minutes later, and hurriedly leave the laboratory to the surprise of his classmates who were yet to understand what he had discovered at that moment.

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Apparently, the helpless corpse was of Divine, his friend of over seven years who had been missing. As reported by the BBC, Egbe was quoted to have said he used to go clubbing with his friend whose corpse, he told the BBC, had two bullet holes on the right side of his chest.

Unicar Medical Student Discover Corpse

Picture: Enya Egbe

Oyifo Ana, a student who reportedly followed him outside, seeing how he hurriedly left the laboratory, found Egbe weeping outside. Ana told BBC that many of the cadavers used in the school laboratory had bullets in them. She said further that she felt bad when she realized that some people whose corpses they used for practical may not be real criminals.

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It was gathered that Egbe sent a message to Divine’s family, who had been looking for their son from one police station to another, to inform them of his startling discovery. Egbe disclosed he was arrested along with the late Divine and two others by security agents on their way home from a night out. 

The family later recovered the body of Divine, according to BBC. The broadcaster said the heartbreaking discovery underlines both the unavailability of corpses in Nigeria for medical students and the fate suffered by victims of police violence.

Medical Student Discover Friend’s Corpse during Practical.

Updated: August 3, 2021 — 2:16 pm

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