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Chukwudozie Nwangwu, popularly known as “Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki N’ Oba”, is a Nigerian native doctor from Anambra State and is considered one of the wealthiest native doctors in the country. He is renowned for his expertise in performing money rituals such as oke-ite, alo-agbaka, ibobo, and more. In this article, we will explore Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki net worth, biography and age.

“Akwa Okuko Tiwari Aki” is an Igbo phrase that translates to “the egg that crushed or broke palm kernels” in English.

This name was bestowed upon him when he used an egg laid by a local chicken to successfully break approximately 24 palm kernels.

Naturally, cracking palm kernels with a chicken egg is considered impossible. However, Chukwudozie Nwangwu claims that he was able to perform this feat due to his strong metaphysical powers, which enable him to accomplish anything he desires. You may like to check Pastor Odumeje source of power and wealth.

Biography of Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki

Chukwudozie Nwangwu (born 29 January 1998), is a native doctor hails from Umumpama village, Oba, in Idemili South LGA (the same village as Obi cubana), he is commonly known as Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki N’ Oba after performing the wonder of cracking palm kernels with a hen’s egg.

Chukwudozie Nwangwu is not only a native doctor but also an entrepreneur, socialist, and philanthropist. He currently serves as the chairman of the Golden Egg Hotel and various other hostels and businesses situated within and beyond Anambra State.

Family life

He is born into the family of Chief and Mrs Amobi Nwangwu from Oba Idemili South, Anambra State. He is the first son of his family, and he discovered his magical abilities at the age of 12, thus start using traditional methods to solve problems.

After many people discovered his abilities, they began soliciting his services when he was at the age of 13 years. Akwa Okuko, took after his father, who is a renowned Native Doctor known as Chief Mmiri Mara Ugo N’ Oba.

Marital Status

Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki is married to Flourish Mmasichukwu, also known as Ezenwanyi Uzam from Enugu State. They got married to each other on 9th of January, 2022 but are yet to have children.

Early life and Education

The name of the school he attended for both primary and secondary is not yet in the public domain. However, during his school days, he used to prophesy his schoolmates’ problems and provide solutions for them. So, many sought for a solution from him and got their problems solved.

Today, Akwa is widely known all over Nigeria and even outside the country. About 100 people visit his chamber on a weekly basis.

Akwa Akuko On Nnamdi Kanu Release

Akwa claimed he had predicted Nnamdi Kanu release on the next court date which came to pass. According to him, after publishing his prediction on social media, a call came to him from an unknown person, who told him to delete the post, or else the government of Nigeria would come after him and accuse him of being a juju priest for the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Nevertheless, what he predicted later happened when the appeal court discharged Nnamdi Kanu.

He said he would appease the gods with two big cows in addition to other things he would get for them, which amount to over one million Naira.

Akwa Okuko Tiwara Net Worth

Akwa has multi-million mansions, hotels and expensive cars. About 100 people visit his shrine every week and sometimes 30 in a day, while over 200 people are on the waiting list to see him; those are seeking for the solutions to their problems including business success, money charm, counseling and many more. His estimated net worth is $950,000 USD in 2023.


Akwa Okuko has been accused of being fake. According to rivals, he used fake stone carved in the shape of an egg to crack the palm kernels, not the real egg. Some said he charges up to One Million Naira to prepare money charms for greedy and desperate youths who are seeking for quick way to make money.

In spite of all these accusations, Akwa is unshaken, and it never deter many who are in need of spiritual money, as he still receives a lot of people seeking for solutions to their various problems.

Akwa Okuko and Pastors

Akwa Okuko Tiwara Aki has in the past engaged Prophet Odumeje, Evangelist Ebuka Obi and other Pastors in a social media fight for speaking against native doctors, and for telling members of the public not to seek for solutions from witch doctors due to its side affects.

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