Odumeje Biography and Net Worth (the Indabosky)

Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere who is popularly known as ‘Odumeje’ or ‘Indabosky’ is a Pastor and the General Overseer of The Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry. He’s known for his unorthodox healing powers and Christian practices that have made many outsiders questioned whether he is a genuine preacher or not. In this post, we shall take deep look at Prophet Odumeje biography and net worth.

Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere odumeje Net Worth

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Early Life

Born in Imo State on 9 September, 1982, the wealthy preacher was the third child of the six child in the family. Due to limited finance, he dropped out of school early in life, leaving him with the limited formal education he had acquired before quitting. Before becoming a preacher, he set up a leather processing business in Anambra State, having relocated there from Imo, his state of origin.


Since coming into the scene, Odumeje’s methods of healing have become subjected to negative criticisms as he is always fond of incorporating signature moves prevalent with the WWE wrestlers. This, he does, by arranging chairs slamming worshippers in search of healing on those chairs, after which he will declare them healed. This method of healing earned him the title of “The Wrestling Pastor.”

Allegations of stage-managed miracles by Comedien Ada Jesus

Odumeje had a dispute with his former supporter, Ada Jesus after the latter accused him of being a fake prophet who stage-managed miracles with the help of Rita Edochie, a popular Nollywood veteran actor who, the accuser said, helped by providing him individuals willing to fake ailments for a fee.

Responding to the allegations, Odumeje laid curses on her and declared she would be inflicted with an incurable disease. Unexpectedly, Ada Jesus became terribly ill with a kidney related ailment which caused her to be completely paralyzed and caused her to lose her ability of speech. Odumeje and Rita refused to forgive Ada Jesus after her family brought her to the church on her sick bed but later did so on April 17th. But she died four days later.

He threatened to curse anyone who make any negative publication about him, saying that he possesses spiritual powers that can reveal the identity of such people and have them attacked spiritually.

He also had a feud with his long-term friend and a popular Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael, whom Odumeje accused of publicly denying him after Zubby released a video denying he barely attended Odumeje’s Church, let alone received spiritual powers from him to succeed in the film industry.

Odumeje Source of Spiritual Powers and Wealth

Odumeje’s source of spiritual powers and wealth have become a subject of debate among Nigerians. Some people alleged that he acquired his spiritual powers from the late Eddy Nawgu and his wealth from studying clandestine section of Eddy Nawgu’s journal that references creating wealth through metaphysical methods.

Odumeje Net Worth

Odumeje has an estimated net worth of Two Hundred Million Naira (N200,000,000). He reportedly owns super cars, mansions and businesses. Also check Naira Marley Biography and Net Worth.

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