How to Apply for Aleph Fellowship for Young Nigerians 2021

The Aleph fellowship is a program which is aimed at Nigerian students who are in their final year of secondary school education, or students who have just completed their secondary school.

How to Apply for Aleph Fellowship for Young Nigerians 2021We select a pool of young adults from across the nation each year, who have demonstrated a spark of brilliance.

Duration of the Fellowship

The chosen fellows will be groomed, and mentored for a duration of two (2) years.

Benefit of 2021 Aleph Fellowship

It is a form of experiment in basic income. It is also guaranteed regardless of the goals they achieve, as long as they don’t enrol in any higher institution of education.

They will earn a stipend of $200 which is equivalent to one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) per month for the first year, and $300 which is equivalent to one hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000) per month for the second year. Also Apply For Nigerian Breweries Graduate Management Trainee Programme 2021


Aleph fellows define a two years learning curriculum which includes learning about a wider range of fields like cryptography, medicine, history, physics, game theory, political science, economics etc. at the begining of the program.

There will be regular fellowship activities in order to help them to continue building their social skills, establish a network that is deeper and form a new friendship. They are encourage to work on group projects together, and also take part in at least one internship program.

Once the two years program is over, they can drill in and focus on any career field they want. We connect them with world class teams in their chosen career paths so that their focus on excellence can be achieved.

The Aleph fellowship team just has regular check-in points, connects fellows with folks in their network, and also holds fellows accountable to the goals which is set for themselves. The learning is self-paced and self directed.


Aleph aim at removing the obstacles around learning, remove the immediate concern for an income and let young minds wander, they will climb great into intellectual mountains and lean into their curiosity.

The aim of the fellowship is also to open kids who are living in Nigeria to a much learning quest. It’s ambitious and audacious but in a few decades.

How to Apply for 2021 Aleph fellowship for young Nigerians

If you love dreaming big, enjoy building, consider yourself an autodidact, and want to take a bold and big bet on your future then come apply here. Its going to be challenging and fun.
Application is open for the next four weeks and closes May 9th, 2021 at 10pm WAT.

To apply, Click Here!

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