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All You Need to Know About Nasims Portal

Are you a prospective Npower Batch C Beneficiary? Have you been having questions regarding the Nasims Portal, and wishes to know more about it? If ‘yes’ then this very post will elucidate all you need to know about Nasims Portal. Read also: NASIMS Latest Update About Npower Physical Verification

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Most of the prospective Npower Batch C Beneficiaries, who barely know much about the newly introduced Nasims portal, that the scheme is using for its current recruitment process, kept on asking about how to easily login to the portal. Some of the questions relate with the profile dashboard. All these will be looked into as you read on.

The Nasims portal was developed solely for the purpose of capturing NSIP beneficiary’s data, with the inclusion of Npower Batch C beneficiaries. While the Nasims dashboard is the individual’s profile, that can only be accessed whenever the applicant login via the Nasims portal with his/her registered details (email and password).

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On the dashboard, all recorded details with the Npower scheme are being stored, of which most of these stored information can be seen by the applicants. The applicants can only make limited, or no changes to the already stored information. Click here to easily access the Nasims Portal login page.

There is much to the Npower dashboard than most applicants think. For those who barely have broader knowledge on how to really make use of the Nasims Portal, and the Npower Nasims profile dashboard, especially the Batch C applicants. We are pleased to let you know that accessing your information on the website is easy. All you need is a browsing device (laptop, desktop, or mobile phone), with good working network.

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All you Need to Know About Nasims Portal and It’s Dashboard

Here are what you can really access on the profile;

  1. Overview (Personal data).
  2. Screening.
  3. Verification.
  4. Deployment.
  5. Take test page.
  6. Other pages (referred).

Some of the other things that can be found on the Nasims portal dashboard are; contacts to the support team, logout etc.

It will be nice if you share this information to other Npower Batch C Beneficiaries, who kept on asking questions regarding the Nasims portal.

You can as well make use of the comment box below, to ask any question(s) that you felt the post didn’t deliberated on.

Source: Nyscinfo

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