Nigeria Customs Recruitment Screening 2021: Important Warning to all Candidates

If you are a candidate for the scheduled batch of recruitment screening for the Nigeria Customs Service 2021, please read this article with rapt attention. The Nigeria Customs Service has released a very important communication to all candidates who are billed for 2021 recruitment screening. You may recall that we wrote about how you can join the Nigeria Customs Service on this informative website and also did another exclusive article that focused on the salary structure of the Nigeria Customs Service officers. Those articles can still be found on this website. Do find and read them for more insight.

The Nigeria Customs Service has notified all the candidates for the scheduled batch screening exercise for the NSC 2021 recruitment to avoid all misleading zonal recruitment centres that have been shared online, allegedly signed by the chairman of the screening committee, Ag. DCG Mohammed Boyi. This warning was issued yesterday on the official social media handles of the Nigeria Customs Service.

According to a press release issue by DC Joseph Attah, the Public Relations Officer (PRO), Nigeria Customs Service, the government agency said that some scammers are bent on misleading unsuspecting candidates in order to extort money from them. The Public Relations Officer (PRO) stated that the only venue for the first batch of screening remains as unchanged, saying that candidates should only stick to the screening venues as advertised in the National dailies, NCS Training and Doctrine Command (NCS TRADOC) Gwagwalada, FCT, Abuja.

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Meanwhile, all candidates for the scheduled batch of recruitment screening for the Nigeria Customs Service 2021 have been advised to ensure they report to the venue of the screening in line with the dates assigned to their respective ststes and on time. Candidates can also visit the Nigeria Customs official recruitment portal to check out the venue on the official flyers released by the NCS at

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Updated: August 1, 2021 — 1:00 pm

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