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Do you have a minimum of five years of startup experience? Are you prepared to share your knowledge with young aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs who are using innovation to solve some of the world’s most critical problems? Have you established a post-revenue company? Then Savvy is interested in getting you to join its Fellowship Program for Aspiring and Early-Stage Entrepreneurs as a mentor. This post shows you how to apply for Savvy Global Fellowship Program.

They are always on the lookout for seasoned entrepreneurs with post-revenue enterprises to join the ‘Savvy’ team, which is mentoring the next generation of impact entrepreneurs. Because they are a varied group, they accept people from all walks of life. They’re seeking for seasoned business owners with a passion for helping others and a commitment to leave the world a better place than they left it. So, if that sounds like you, you could be the person they’re searching for.

Savvy Background

Savvy is a virtual fellowship programme for enthusiastic and bright young people interested in joining the next generation of impact entrepreneurs. The Savvy mentorship team now comprises 154 changemakers from 39 countries with a total experience of over 700 years, and they are seeking for more incredible people to join them. They volunteer as mentors at Savvy because they think entrepreneurs are the catalysts for development and wealth creators, therefore they are creating a programme that moulds passionate young professionals.

Benefits of Savvy Global Fellowship Program

  1. The chance to assist others reach greatness: Achieving greatness is meaningless if you don’t help others achieve greatness as well. As a mentor in the Savvy programme, you can give back to the younger generation while also gaining personal gratification from making a difference in other people’s business journeys.
  2. Connect with other changemakers: The Savvy mentorship team comprises over 150 changemakers from 39 countries who have successfully launched and exited creative and lucrative businesses. As a result, joining the team puts you closer to these like-minded changemakers, which may lead to future cooperation and partnership.
  3. Serve as an inspiration: You are not only given the opportunity to give back and meet like-minded entrepreneurs who have made a difference in their community and the world at large, but you are also given the opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs who have made an impact in their community and the world at large. You’ve been given the chance to serve as an inspiration to the next generation of impact-driven entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about using creative solutions to solve some of the world’s most critical problems.

Requirements for Savvy Global Fellowship Program

  • In whatever sector or industry, you must have a post-revenue business.
  • It’s not needed, but it’s a bonus if you have a tech or tech-enabled firm.
  • You must be proficient in written and spoken English.
  • It is a benefit if you are fluent in French, Spanish, or Portuguese.
  • Be willing to help a Savvy Fellow achieve their business goals by influencing and guiding them.
  • Prior mentorship experience is not needed, although it is helpful.
  • Be willing to coach a Savvy Fellow for one hour each week.

How to Apply for Savvy Global Fellowship Program

If you’re interested and qualified, please fill out the form below. To apply, go to Savvyfellows official website.

Visit the Savvy Fellowship website for additional information.

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