AVO Tv Launches to Rival Dstv In Nigeria

Several Nigerian channels will be available for free thanks to AVO. As long as the user has the app loaded on his phone, he will have access to the whole package without having to pay a monthly cost. It’s also available to watch on AVO TV’s web player.

AVO TV has released a free streaming app with the goal of challenging paid television’s dominance as the only source of video on demand for Nigerians seeking entertainment. The software, which is free, will provide users with access to up to 100 local and foreign channels, as well as Bollywood blockbusters.

The company’s CEO expressed his joy at the news, claiming that their presence in Nigeria marks the company’s first major move in Africa. He also stated that the company’s goal is to make the offer accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford hefty memberships. The company aspires to be the entertainment powerhouse in Nigeria.

AVO TV has started in Nigeria; go here for more information.

Since its launch in June 2021, the AVO TV app has received over 200,000 downloads. The app has been used to stream over 10 minutes of footage. The app’s download and watch time have irregularly increased over time.

The company’s aspirations for a continuous TV offering were mentioned by the CEO. The firm has dependable partners. Viewers are also encouraged to pay greater attention to the platform in order to receive fast notifications when new content is released.

The business also claims that only observations would be used to monetise their platform. This is feasible because the corporation has already established itself in the United States and Europe.

Source: Nyscinfo

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